Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ode to Nancy Pelosi

This "ode" was written in 2008, but most of it still holds true. Some things, apparently, just don't change.

We notice that Nancy Pelosi,
Has theology weak as Jello-si,
She quotes from Augustine
But must take a dustin’
From those who are in the know-si.

Nancy's no longer the Speaker,
And her theology is really much weaker
Than she’d like to admit;
It’s giving her fits,
But it hasn’t made her much meeker.

Communion’s important, she’s announcing,
As the Church’s teaching she’s renouncing.
She wants to receive;
She says she believes.
But the Bishops gave her a trouncing. (We wish they would renew their efforts!!!)

We witness amazing contortion,
Not to mention doctrinal distortion,
When Nancy comes in
With her version of sin,
And her political stance on abortion.

“Abortion just might not be wrong
If the woman’s not too far along.”
Roe v. Wade preaching
Replaces Church teaching
As Nancy’s political song.

Abortion is wrong – she must know!
But with her record, it sure doesn’t show.
She’s Catholic, she said,
But her faith must be dead.
Nancy: you’ll reap what you sow.

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