Monday, July 29, 2013

WYD Embarrassment

Mass? Ugh.
My mom always told me, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." 

Well... I avoided watching any videos of WYD, and tried not to look at too many still photos. I've avoided writing anything about WYD on my blog up to this point; but I can remain silent no longer. Those who see the error really must speak out against the abuses; it's our duty to speak the truth when the emperor has no clothes. And frankly, I'm not interested in reading any comments from "liberal" or "progressive" Catholics who want to tell me I'm a "pharisee" and a "hypocrite". My sorrow and angst over the atrocities of WYD are based on Church documents that clearly state how Our Lord is to be worshiped. So spare me. Ad hominem attacks on me (or others) will be deleted.

WYD is an embarrassment. It is an insult to the intelligence of the young people it was meant to...uh...entertain. And that's what I fear it was meant to be: entertainment that just might entice young people into a deeper relationship with Jesus and with His Church. But where's the "deep" stuff? Where's the Catholic identity?

Frankly, when we allow the pop Christian music genre at Mass, we allow our sexualized culture to enter into our worship - because pop Christian music emulates secular music, but throws in "God" words. The culture intrudes on our faith, rather than our faith penetrating secular music; that is, our faith is corrupted, rather than our culture being converted. Changing the words doesn't change the driving beat ("that you can dance to") and other characteristics of pop music.

I've seen and experienced this myself, when I was a Protestant in a "pentecostal" church community. The music cycles through "foreplay" to "climax," the music itself driving those emotions. Look at the performers, gyrating almost sensuously, the music moving towards its crescendo;then you come down a bit, and then on to full climax. You can see it in the crowd. Swaying. Hands raised. Eyes closed. Finally, inevitably, especially amongst Protestants and Catholic charismatics, babbling in "adoration." Everyone is "in love" and "adoring" their feelings. Indisputable. I think it takes a good bit of honest introspection to see this, but I think it is undeniable. Feeling good feels great, and we call that "god."

That's what I see in the WYD videos. Of course, I don't mean to imply that everyone experienced the event in the same way (do I really have to add that qualifier?! Apparently, I do, judging from past comments on other posts); but I do mean to say that the "style" of liturgy employed at WYD 2013 was very conducive to this adoration of self. Somewhere, somehow, someone may have been inspired toward a religious or priestly vocation, or had a major conversion of heart, or...whatever...but it wasn't because WYD is truly conducive to such discernment.

And for those who want to insist that WYD "bears fruit", I urge you (and everyone, actually) to read this great post by Louie Verrecchio at his blog "Harvesting the Fruit of Vatican II". 

If I had to tell people that WYD epitomizes the Church, I would be humiliated. I could not in good conscience suggest that anyone become Catholic; heck, they might as well just run down to the local pentecostal church and wave their hands and dance in the aisles there. Thank goodness the liturgies at WYD are not typical of Mass at your run-of-the-mill Novus Ordo parish (which can be bad enough, without all the frills and thrills of a WYD Mass).

WYD is just the Los Angeles Religous Ed Conference multiplied by 1000...or 10,000...or some big number. I think I would be physically ill if I watched this entire video (below), but if you skip around in it, you will get the picture - if you haven't already watched reports elsewhere.

This is Mass?! These are our shepherds?! (See also the "dancing bishops" with Fr. Z's commentary at his blog. Oh, and the Vortex features the same bizarre event; I'll post that tomorrow.)

And then there's this:

This is Adoration?! I don't think so. I think it is more likely to be emotionalism engendered by "contemporary Christian" music.

I weep for Our Lord who has had to suffer all of this. Does Jesus love the pilgrims? Oh yes, He does. He loves the wayward shepherds, too, but he will hold them accountable.
Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. Woe to the world because of things that cause sin! Such things must come, but woe to the one through whom they come! (Matt 18:6-7)
I am simply appalled by what I have seen and read of WYD. And I am very, very sad.

Here's a real Mass. Watch it to sooth your soul, especially if you have subjected yourself to the above idiocy.


  1. The liturgy was evangelical protestantism. The music was, and I mean this in a correct sense "profane". Just as Beethoven's Missa Solemnis is "profane". It is not just a judgment against 'pop" music. Though there certainly is nothing popular about it; as Ratzinger pointed our years ago this type of music does not come from the the way, even polyphony was accepted by the Church as an exception to the rule...

    Another point: I am somewhat annoyed that the default position is that young people are barbarians; that they enjoy and prefer subcultural jungle rhythms to true music.

    It is time that Catholics strive to return to a true Catholic sense of worship... tossing in a few words form the Catechism on top of protestant derived cultural traditions does not make the liturgical music Catholic.

    As to indigenous music - the strange sounds emanating from Rio can hardly be constituted as deriving organically from the Brazilian people; rather, it would seem to me to be sinister sounds generated by a corporate elite whose home is New York City. Enough said... And these corporate elitists certainly do not have America's best interests in mind, being internationalist piggy-backers. Or perhaps "barbers". Destory one nation, and onto the next 'Next please...."

    Brilliant post.... as always.

  2. Barona, your description of the music at WYD makes me very glad that I didn't listen to more!

  3. How will we ever rebuild? I looked at the videos some, too, and it looked almost entirely Protestant. I was so sickened by seeing priests, vested in baseball caps for con-celebrating Mass, taking videos on their electronic devices and singing the pop tunes behind the microphones. The music clashes so much with the concept of what Mass is that I don't see how the anyone could possibly have been concentrating on the sacrifice which was being renewed before them. Also, apparently the Portuguese-language missals still have "for all" when it comes to the consecration of the wine. I see that intinction is now all the rage and I almost couldn't believe the white, plastic cereal bowl that the lady was distributing Holy Communion from! With all of these abuses receiving the rubber-stamp of the pope's implicit approval, I just don't see how my generation (the WYD generation) will ever be able to know what true Catholic worship is supposed to be. "Nemo dat quod non habet" The young folks definitely don't "habet". It is just going to get worse with every passing year I'm afraid. When these young people have children they will teach them to worship as they were taught to worship at WYD, etc.

  4. I have avoided WYD coverage too ~ I knew it would either make me angry or cry. The dancing bishops showing up on FB did both.

    I did see a few stunningly beautiful photos of the crowds that made me ache, wishing that the multitudes there actually knew the faith they were supposedly gathered for. How amazing that would be.

    Thankfully, we live in a wonderful diocese where several parishes now have EF Masses every Sunday & some weekdays, we had a Solemn High Mass for the feast of St. Ann in the presence of the bishop & Fr. Michael Rodriguez is visiting all week! Our days of enduring liturgical horrors are just bad memories now. :o)

  5. The young people like you are our hope, Catholic Agronomist, along with the Holy Spirit, of course. God wants to be worshiped correctly, and surely He will work with those who "get it". As you know from experience, there ARE young people who want the traditional Latin Mass, who want reverence and true Catholic mystery. Keep doing what you're doing, and there will always be that remnant that keeps the true faith alive.

  6. The hand waving and all the emotional postures you describe and your comment about "might as well run down to the local pentecostal church" remind me of my own RCIA days. I made the comment to the dear Sister in charge of RCIA, if I wanted this emotional acting we might just go over to the local Westside Church. Rather, I told her, I came here to be Catholic.

  7. I'm one of them, Dr. Boyd. I'm one of those young people who want the reverence and true Catholic identity. I'm just a 16 year old that is SICK AND TIRED of this Protestantism that has been rampant in the Church for so long! I watched all of the events, mainly because I wanted to see the Pope interacting with the young people and the other non-liturgical events. I was overjoyed seeing him in the slums and all that. I love the Holy Father so much. But, the liturgy was unrecognizable. When I saw that stage, I thought Justin Bieber was there! Everyone was acting like Protestants, from what I could tell! And THAT, you mean to tell me THAT was Calvary. WHAT?! THAT was a sacrifice? But of course it's about feeellinggss and luvvvv and feeelllinggg guuud. Uh, no it's not. The Catholic relgion is a religion of the intellect not the emotions, as Michael Voris says. This is so simple to understand.

    And wouldn't you think God expects to be worshiped correctly after all He did for us? Laying down His life for US? Seriously, people. The least you can do is FORGET about yourself and your ego and what you want and your feelings and worship Him properly for ONE hour on Sunday. Is it really that hard to do? Is it really that hard to be have reverence during Mass? Do you not realize that you receive the King of the Universe in your very soul and yet you think it's perfectly find to walk up there like your in line for your next beer, dressed like a prostitute? The Church is torn assunder by her own children.

    St. Pope Pius X, ora pro nobis and help us...

    God bless!


  8. The so-called mainstream media is having a field day with this. CNN is running a video entitled bikini clad girls attend Mass and are showing footage of exactly that @ WYD. The scanty attire mentioned in your other posts is like a winter overcoat compared to what a lot of "worshipers" wore to the Pope's Mass in Rio. I'm afraid "feeling good" rather than worshiping good has enveloped the Papacy as well. Difficult times and, I am afraid, we are without a real leader here on earth to get us through them.

  9. Yes, Hannah - you are one of those young people that give us hope! Forge ahead and fight hard for the faith!

  10. I was half expecting this multitude to break out into singing the travesty that is called "Shout to The Lord." Although judging by this video coverage of WYD, I can honestly say that they weren't that far off the mark.

    You want to really show these youths the Catholic faith? Instead of this "feel good" travesty, put in its place the Solemn Pontifical Mass of the EF! Now THAT is true reverence and worship, and it would certainly give the main stream media something to talk about. And that's saying something, since I myself am only 23 years old.

    One final note before I depart... I had heard that a plenary indulgence was granted through the usual conditions to those who followed WYD through the video footage or through social media, such as Twitter. After watching this mess, I had to give myself a not so gentle reminder to not facepalm. This merited a plenary indulgence??? Hate to say it, but now that I've seen what WYD was like after I was unable to make the trip, I'm glad that I didn't attend. I did not convert to Catholicism so I could watch the Bishops do a rousing rendition of what looks like Y.M.C.A! I converted for the fullness of the Truth and for the salvation of my eternal soul, neither of which seems to be held in high standing here in this video.

    Forgive me for my bluntness, Jay. I just felt that it needed to be said.

  11. Thank God for bluntness, Samantha!

    1. All I can say in conclusion is this: Kyrie Eleison - Christe Eleison - Kyrie Eleison...

  12. Did anyone see this video promoted by CNA and others teaching the youth the flash mob dance moves? Why is there such a disconnect in our church when it comes to the virtue of modesty?

  13. It's definitely been a tough week all around. From this to the whole Franciscan Friars and EF thing yesterday was kind of sickening... My husband was the most disturbed when I told him that I keep hearing the word "clericalism" used over and over again and after his years in graduate theology he found that deeply disturbing as it's one of the key terms that was used by liberals in the Church in a certain way... Sigh.

  14. Let me share my take on all this ...then go and read the 15 comments above.
    The Catholic Church is in a terrible CRISIS no doubt about that my dear friends.
    This was appalling and I could hardly stand to watch this princes of the church act in such disgusting manner ...
    Has it really come to this?
    God help us if it has...the Remnant will be here sooner than we think.
    They all offended OUR JESUS very much, and yes they will be held accountable.
    But what can I do....PRAY and make REPARATION that is the best I can do for Holy Mother Church.
    The Church of Nice and the Fell Good Church has reared its UGLY head ...God have mercy on us !
    Restore YOUR TRUE Church oh Lord ...Let us return to the Traditional Church , one that is filled with Beauty and Reverence and Holiness.
    Thanks Dr. Jay , I agree 100% with everything you have stated here may the good God bless you and your family for always proclaiming the complete TRUTH!

  15. This is not the Church to which I belong, but some pale shadow of the Truth and the Everlasting Beauty of the Mass. I do not believe that these people involved, cardinals, bishops, clergy, lay people know WHO God is. Even Moses took off his shoes and knew when he was on holy ground and adored God. There is no humility here, only the triumph of self-adoration. Me, me, me.

    I did not watch any of it after Rorate showed the design of the altar, etc.

  16. Everyone is "in love" and "adoring" their feelings. (...) Feeling good feels great, and we call that "god."

    You are priceless!

    I did a lot of research on Marxists because of the warnings of our Lady of Fatima.
    After years I´ve come to the conclusion that they have taken over the Catholic Church at Vat II as they have totally taken over the World council of churches.

    For example, take a look at "Pacem in Terris" through communist eyes and you will rejoice. By the way: "Peace (on earth)" is a communist combat term.

    The communists sucessfully tried to replace logical thinking with feelings so that nobody would detect and resist beeing taken over.

    Here´s a good video of a soviet KGB defector:
    Yuri Bezmenov: Psychological Warfare Subversion & Control of Western Society

  17. Great comments, everyone.

    I'm trying to recognize the Church here, but it's hard. What happened to all the glory before Vatican II? Why can't I find it (other than my parish)? Where is it? I was born in 1997 and I never lived through Vatican II, but it's just so obvious to me that something went terribly wrong.

    I wait for the purification of the Church. Everything will return to how it once was. Our Lady of Good Success says so.

    As for Modestly, Our Lady of Good Success say it would almost no longer by found in women. And she was speaking of the second half of the 20th century. Those girls at World Youth Day have no clue that they are equivalent of being naked, I guess. It's so sad really. I would never dream of wearing a bikini and I'm a teenager myself! Do I have to fit in to accepted in the Church? You're despised if you dress Modestly and even look Catholic. I just feel so lost sometimes. I still persevere even though i feel like giving up and going with the flow. The Pope keeps me going, to be honest. I love Him so much. Even he tells us to go against the tide. Well, I have to do it in the world and even in the Church. My parish is a comfort to me. At least there's a small remnant there that want to be fully Catholic. I'm just trying to understand what happened to the Church. I read all I can about everything. I never lived through the worst of the "tribulation", but I'm living through the last of it...I hope.

    Supertradmom, I agree with you! You can't tell if that was holy ground... BTW, I LOVE your blog! I read it every day and enjoy your posts. God bless!


  18. Dear friends,
    This is all because the Church embracing MODERISM, I believe!
    Hannah have you read the Oath Against Moderism ...each and every use to say that prayer and take that Oath before Ordination...not anymore though.
    You see THE CHURCH doesn't get with the times...The times are suppose to embrace THE CHURCH !
    These are dark days and times ahead for all of us...and this is just the beginning.
    If you read Our Lady and her messages, Fatima , LaSalette and Aikta is all written out right there.
    I am not aware of the Messages of Our Lady of Good Success but I sure will go and read them since you mentioned them Hannah!
    Let us not despair ...hold on to THE FAITH and cling to Holy Mother Church as she goes through her purification ....
    Our Lady will WIN in the end ...we have Her word on that .
    Rejoice and be glad ....They hated Our Lord Jesus they will hate you for standing up for the complete TRUTH.
    We will be despised and made fun for standing up for the REAL Catholic Church expect no less than that.
    God and Our Lady have this whole situation in there hands...YES, pray very much for the Holy Father.
    PRAY, PRAY and Pray.
    PLEASE for the love of God make Reparation.
    Attend and make the 9 First Fridays and the 5 First Saturdays in Reparation for the crimes and offenses against the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart Of Mary ...please this is what we need to do.
    If you are not aware of this them and learn of this important devotion we must do for Jesus and His Mother.
    God Alone.......

  19. Jeanne,

    This is a good article on Our Lady of Good Success. It is *approved*. She warned about this time in the 1600s in Quito, Ecuador. She talks about the desolation after Vatican II, Freemansonry, etc.

    I know the Church has embarced Modernism. It's just hard to wrap my head around it. I have read the oath against modernism. I would talk it in a heartbeat. It needs to be restored. It must be. The prayer to St. Michael needs to be restored to the whole Church, too.

    I have studied all of Our Lady's approved apparitions and Prophecies from the Saints. I know about the chastisement, purification, the Great Monarch, and the Angelic Pope. I spend my time learning as much as I can.

    Here is a blog about Catholic Prophecy.

    I highly recommend it. It's excellent and Emmett, who owns the blog, does an excellent job researching for his posts. There are discussions that go on about the chistisement and approved apparitions, prophecies, etc of which I am a part (in the combox).

    And yes I always remember that Our Lady said her Immaculate Heart would triumph. I just have to be patient, as we all do...

    God bless!


  20. Forgot the articles. Here is it:

    God bless!


  21. I disagree with all of the above: thought the videos I saw of WYD were very inspiring.

    WYD was a resounding success.

    Any young people I've ever talked to who been to previous WYDs have had deep and spiritual experiences.

  22. Dearly beloved friends,

    Cordial greetings and a very good day.

    How do we actually measure the 'success' of this WYD? Sadly,the entire event appears to many to be something akin to a worldly youth festival, with an inordinate emphasis upon a party sort of atmosphere - like a religious 'Woodstock'. Moreover, it seems that the Church has suffered a complete loss of confidence in recent decades and does not believe that it can attract souls by being itself. It must ape the secular culture and must at all costs be seen to be world-affirming and not world-denying, so as to attract and keep the youth within its bosom. This is a monumental mistake and only serves to ultimately tarnish the Church's credibility in the eyes of the world. Men see that it is trying to be 'cool' and trendy, especially when they witness the sad and irreverent spectacle of prancing prelates.

    Moreover, there is, dear friends, an unhealthy obsession with having fun within the contemporary Catholic Church, which is decidedly unspiritual, and is really nothing more than an excuse for a hand in hand with the world type of religious practice. The Catholic Faith calls us to personal sanctity and challenges us to live up to the arduous demands of our most holy religion, including a renunciation of the godless world (cf. Rom. 12: 2).

    Will this years WYD foster within the youth present a real desire for the pursuit of holiness? Will those present have a greater understanding of the exceeding sinfulness of sin and of man's wounded nature on account of his fallen estate? Will they regularly fulfil Sunday Obligation and want to go to Confession more frequently than before? Will they be striving to provide a Catholic counter-culture that dares to be different and that does not fear being accused of 'overscrupulosity' or of being regarded as unduly prissy by their friends? Will they have a thirst for a dignified celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass? If the youth that were present can truly answer in the affirmative to these and similar questions, then, yes, WYD has been an unmistakable success and I rejoice and rejoice again.

  23. Gee, go to Mass and check out the girls! Whatta deal.

  24. Check this out.

    Let us start listening to the great Saints of Holy Mother Church...

    'Now answer me candidly, when you are going to the church to hear Mass, do you bear in mind that you are going to Calvary to be present at the Redeemer's death? If this thought was deep in your soul, would you venture into the holy place with unbecoming gait, or in apparel that is immodest? Had Magdalene come to the foot of the cross on Calvary, bedizened, perfumed, and with a display of finery such as she wore in the time of her sinfulness, what would have been said of her? Now what are we to say of you who go to the holy place dressed out as for some merry-making? What should be said of you if you were to profane that most august sacrifice by unbeseeming conduct, such as nods, salutations, laughter, whisperings, or worse than all, lascivious and sacrilegious glancings? Iniquity is abominable on all occasions and in all places, but the sins that are committed during Mass, and under the shadow of the altar, are sins which call down God's signal maledictions, "Cursed be he who doeth the work of the Lord deceitfully." (Jer. xlviii. 10.)'

    St. Leonard of Port Maurice

    God bless!


  25. I accidently removed a comment - sorry, commenter! I didn't even get to read the whole thing before an unfortunate slip of the finger on my Kindle erased it forevermore. :-{

  26. What a surprise... not. The Choreographer of World Youth Day Flash Mob Posed for Gomorrist Publications.


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