Monday, July 15, 2013

Holy Spirit, Command Me: Vortex

I love this Vortex. Michael Voris shares a bit of his "story" - the prayers of his mother for his return to the Church, and her instructions to him:
A couple of months before she died, she said to me, “Michael, I want to you pray a certain prayer I’m gonna tell you. Don’t pray it until you are ready, but when you pray it, mean it very sincerely. The prayer is – Holy Spirit, command me to do your will.”
Michael Voris did pray that prayer, and the Holy Spirit answered.

Go here for the script.


  1. We love you, Michael!!

    You're truly a bright and shining star in the Church today.

    He lightens up my day listening to him. The one thing I look forward to every day is his Vortex.

    God bless him. :)


  2. He has done such amazing work. I would say that 75% of what I've learned in the past years about our faith has been from their programs. I'd learned next to nothing in RCIA (I didn't even know contraception was against Church teaching when I was confirmed) and I started watching their programs while doing dishes at night and working in the kitchen. I'm so grateful that they're around!

  3. AMAZING story and personal sharing from Michael Voris!
    A BRIGHT LIGHT in the darkness of the Modern World!
    The prayer his mother taught is powerful and she prayed for his conversion ...oh the power of prayer.
    Let us NEVER cease praying for our family and friends who have left the TRUE FAITH and the Catholic Church .
    Pray for their conversion ...pray works !
    Michael Voris is living prove that conversions still happne and a Mother's Prayer is heard and ANSWERED, thanks be to GOD!

  4. An earlier version of MV's conversion story: Same story, just more details. From 2010.

  5. Terry - Very touching and hopeful talk by MV. Thanks for sharing!


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