Friday, July 5, 2013

Summer in Eastern Oregon

Time to take a deep breath, leave the problems of the Church to the care of the Holy Spirit, and enjoy God's creation for a moment or two!

We had some very cool weather up until a week ago - highs in the 60's. Rainy, too.

Then we had some very hot days (like most of the West, I guess), hitting 100 degrees (not a common occurrence here).

Here are some scenes from around the county:

Wild iris? Out in the woods

View from our place

Wolf Creek Reservoir


Out and about on one of those cool, rainy days

 Scenes from around our house:

Sitting on the front porch, looking at the clouds;
that's the horse barn in the lower portion.

Sitting on the front porch, enjoying the grassy expanse.
Never mind the brown spots...that happens every year.

A visitor sitting in my chair

A not-so-wild iris in my own backyard

My prettiest rose!

A tomato is actually growing!
I like petunias. They are so accommodating. And most of
these have sprouted from seeds dropped by
last year's plants.

Morning view from our back porch


  1. The rose is absolutely beautiful !

  2. Oh my - what gorgeous photos. And what a glorious place!! My heart soars to look at it... thank you for sharing it with us!

  3. Sigh. What a lovely place you've got there.

  4. The wild iris is probably Iris missouriensis, which is native and grows wild throughout the west. It is accompanied by some yarrow and wild strawberries. Nice! -Juniper

  5. Brother Juniper - yes! We ate some wild strawberries the other day. Wow...teeny tiny little things, but the flavor was incredible.


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