Sunday, July 21, 2013

Thoughts from "V-for-Victory" Blog

Anita at “V-for-Victory” blog has a great post, which starts out with this quote from Venerable Archbishop Fulton S. Sheen:

The modern world, which denies personal guilt and admits only social crimes, which has no place for personal repentance but only public reforms, has divorced Christ from His Cross; the Bridegroom and Bride have been pulled apart. What God hath joined together, men have torn asunder. As a result, to the left is the Cross; to the right is the Christ...The Western post-Christian civilization has picked up the Christ without His Cross. But a Christ without a sacrifice that reconciles the world to God is a cheap, feminized, colorless, itinerant preacher who deserves to be popular for His great Sermon on the Mount, but also merits unpopularity for what He said about His Divinity on the one hand, and divorce, judgment, and hell on the other. This sentimental Christ is patched together with a thousand commonplaces....Without His Cross, He becomes nothing more than a sultry precursor of democracy or a humanitarian who taught brotherhood without tears.  

Ven. Fulton J. Sheen, Life of Christ

Be sure to read Anita’s whole post – it’ll make your day. I especially like her characterization of her recent Mass experiences. She writes:

This weekend, I had the joy of attending Low Mass in the Dominican Rite, for the feast of St. Vincent de Paul; then a Novus Ordo Vigil Mass for Sunday celebrated ad orientem.  But it all had to be paid for this morning, when I found myself at a Mass with muzak-like campfire ditties played on piano and bass guitar and bongos and cymbals and tinkly chimes; girl altar servers with loose hair and flip-flops; people encouraged to socialize with each other instead of getting recollected for Mass; a priest improvising Mass parts; the canon gone through hastily and almost carelessly; and applause at the end for Murph and the Magictones, followed by raucous yakking inside the church.

 So…how was your weekend liturgical experience?


  1. WOW ...crazy !
    Since I am blessed to attend the TLM of the Extraordinary form at St. Francis de Sales I am blessed beyond words and am very sad for those who have to attend such watered down liturgies.
    God have mercy on us all.

  2. We are the light of the world, right? Aren't Catholics supposed to be the light of the world? It's time we started doing it then. Can't we give due honor and worship to God and then let that transform us? God is judging his Church. He at least expects our love and worship. Where else will He get it?

    God bless!



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