Thursday, February 28, 2013

Why We Need to Pray: Vortex

It is imperative – more so than ever before, I think – that we pray fervently that a good and holy and strong and bold pope be elected.

In the Vortex of 2/27/13 (embedded below), Michael Voris points out that:

Almighty God preserves the Church from error, but not disaster. That should be self-evident given the current condition of the Church.

…The Church is preserved from error out of love for sinful and weak man. Period. In short, so we don’t mess it up. This guarantee however is not extended to the election of a Pope. The Church has had bad popes before – meaning immoral scoundrels. It has also had holy men who have not excelled at the necessary administrative qualities needed to govern such an unwieldy body of believers scattered across every continent.

 …What we have as a guarantee is the man who standing in the shoes of the fisherman, in the office of Supreme Pastor, will not preach error. We do NOT have as a guarantee that that man will be well-suited to the office or the times in which he reigns.

That’s why we need to pray.

There’s certainly been corruption in the Church from the beginning (remember Judas?), because of our fallen human nature. After all, we wouldn’t need a savior if we didn’t sin, right? I don’t know if the corruption is worse now than it’s ever been, but it stands to reason that it would be.  We can surely see that the amount of sin in the world – and the acceptance of it – is increasing at an alarming rate. The world has been made much smaller by technology: the internet, cell phones, texting, twitter, etc. , allowing sin to  spread its tentacles more easily.

Now toss into the mix the scandalous reports of a “gay mafia” wreaking havoc within the Church. While some have tried to downplay the scandal, I think that most of us are pretty sure there is at least some truth to the reports. Anyone who’s read Good-by, Good Men by Michael S. Rose, can hardly be surprised by the rumors of homosexual corruption “at the top”. Of course, Rose was also criticized and pooh-poohed by some who considered him an alarmist or irresponsible, but if even only a fraction of what he reported is true,  a lot of good men didn’t become priests because of the “gay” agenda that forced them out of the seminaries. Though patience and prudence may often be necessary in dealing with problems, it seems that our Church has been very good at ignoring the elephant in the living room when it comes to homosexuality in the clergy.

And don’t forget the recent report by a Polish priest, which was discussed on the Vortex of 2/22/13 (also embedded below). Here’s an excerpt from the script:

…a blockbuster report [long, but well worth reading] has just emerged produced by a Ph.D. priest at the Pontifical University in Krakow Poland where he says he was asked to prepare this report by various bishops and even cardinals. It details how the secretive homosexual lobby of priests and bishops in the Church is trying to gain a stronger foothold in his native Poland and how much damage has already been done by them in other parts of the Church throughout the world.

From active homosexual clergy among priests, to active homosexuals among bishops and those that are friendly to them that protect them and promote them, as well as those who had hidden and covered up the resultant child sex abuse at the hands of predator homosexual clergy.

… He says near the conclusion, “We must clearly, explicitly and reservedly say: yes, there is a strong homosexual underground in the Church…[S]uch circles in the Church strongly oppose the truth, morality and Revelation, cooperate with enemies of the Church, [and] incite revolt against Peter of our times.”

And in another telling line he says, “It is for [his] accuracy of opinion that he is so vehemently opposed, or even hated by some in the Church, especially by members of the homolobby which represents the very center of internal opposition against the Pope.”

Clearly this "homolobby" within the Church is a problem; just as clearly, it is strong; and if it is active and strong among even the cardinal electors, then we have a problem. As Michael Voris says, “Pray to the Holy Spirit… hard… everyday… with a longing like you would long for eternity that he send us NOT the pope we all deserve, but the pope we NEED.”

Here's the Vortex from 2/27/13:

Here's the Vortex from 2/22/13:

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