Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"Where Can We Go for the Older Form?"

Just in case you missed it...

This video (below) provides an excellent view of the benefits of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. It shows what could be done to do actually promote the EF Mass.

At our local mission parish, we are praying the Rosary on Tuesday nights, for the healing of the ills within the Church and our nation. Well, at least two of us are! At the end of the Rosary, I asked the other woman if she knew the Salve Regina. She indicated that she did...sort of...and it was in "the book", so we sang it together. Then she pointed to the next song - it was the Ave Maria - and said, "How about this one?" So I sang, she followed. Then we did one verse of O Sanctissima. She had no problem trying to sing the Latin. 

We talked briefly about music in the Mass, and about the older form of the Mass. I explained about ad orientem worship, and she was nodding and saying, "Oh yes, that makes sense", etc. I asked her if she'd ever attended an EF Mass, and she shook her head. 

She paused for a moment, considering that thought with furrowed brow, and then asked, "Where can we go to attend the older form?"

The ol' $64,000 question! 

You see, many people do not know the riches of the EF Mass. They have not a clue what they're missing! They won't ask the local pastor to provide it, because they don't even know it's their right (and their RITE!!).  

In other words, the faithful don't know their faith; they are ignorant of their heritage. And it's not their fault, really. Priests and bishops who do know this heritage have not shared it, and some have even tried to hide it.

But word is getting out anyway! I think that's where the "new Evangelization" needs to start.

Tridentine Mass Promo from Two Sense Films on Vimeo.


  1. Beautiful Post !
    The EF of The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is so beautiful , we have all been robbed , have we not? I can only speak for myself, I did not know that the Latin Mass was even still prayed or available , not one bit. I was ignorant of my Faith and the Latin Mass , even though I grew up with it for a short time. But when I "stumbled" across St. Francis de Sales oratory and the Latin Mass everything changed .
    I am blessed and enriched beyond words that I now embrace fully and ONLY attend the Latin Mass the most thing this side of HEAVEN!

  2. Your enthusiasm is so invigorating, Jeannie!

  3. Thanks Dr. Jay !
    Let's hope my enthusiasm lands me a NEW JOB and soon!
    Say a prayer for me dear friends ,this is no longer the right fit for me .
    My days are numbered here, long story , I will spare you the details but much PRAYER is needed.
    I am also calling on the intercession of St. Joseph!
    God Bless you Dr. Jay and your family and all the great people who stop by and read and comment on this GREAT Blog of yours!

  4. "Oh yes, that makes sense"

    Let's hear it for basic catechesis! (TY, Dr. Boyd)

    Good grief, how hard is it?

    All it takes is a little explaining and, voila!, there you go.

    Instead those who are theologically/liturgically at odds with the Tradition and beauty that can be found in Mother Church continue to promote *their version* of of how things should be in the Church. (and, most often, they are the ones in charge)

    It is so, so sad. :( We *have* been robbed.

    However, thank God we have sources (for now, anyway) that we can go to to *learn* these beautiful traditons and *pray* for their return.

    Otherwise, to whom shall we go? (John 6:68)

    Great story, Dr. Boyd.


  5. Exactly, CK: how hard is it?! One time, quite some time ago, when I was "over the rainbow", we had the NO Mass - but in Latin, ad orientem, with the chant propers and ordinary. Afterwards, I wept, and said to the priest, "It's just not that hard." And yet, nowhere else in the Diocese would such a Mass be said.

    My friend in the above story told me she has no computer, no online access. She didn't seem to have any resistance to the idea of the EF Mass, because no one has been able to get to her with negative stereotypes.


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