Thursday, February 28, 2013

My NFP Book is Available!

My book is now available at Amazon, both as a 266-page paperback, and on Kindle.

Natural Family Planning:: Trojan Horse in the Catholic Bedroom?

Here's the description on Amazon:

What’s wrong with Natural Family Planning? Taking a Catholic perspective on the subject, Dr. Jay Boyd explains that the use of NFP to avoid pregnancy is often promoted as “God’s family planning”. But is using NFP to prevent pregnancy really trusting God? If we take control of spacing births, how can be sure this is “God’s plan”, and that the children came “in God’s time”? And most people fail to “read the fine print” that says that NFP is to be used only when a couple has serious reasons for avoiding pregnancy. The reason many people think of NFP as “Catholic birth control” is because that’s how it is used by many well-meaning couples. Claiming that a couple using NFP is “open to life” while they abstain from sex during the woman’s fertile period in order to intentionally avoid pregnancy – well…that’s a contradiction in terms. It can easily be argued that using NFP to avoid pregnancy is an expression of a lack of trust in God’s will and provision. It’s an active effort on the part of the couple to second-guess God’s timing for the family’s new members. Dr. Boyd takes a close, objective look at NFP from the standpoint of the teaching of the Catholic Church. She examines the basic problems with NFP, along with its philosophical underpinnings; and she delves into the important concepts of marital chastity and trust in Divine Providence.


  1. Is Amazon your preferred way for us to purchase your book (in paperback)? Found you via Venermercernui (or however he spells it). Interesting reads over here. Just what I need, another Catholic blog to start reading :)

  2. Kathi, Amazon's probably the easiest, and I know a lot of people have "rewards" or "prime" or whatever so they like to order through Amazon. You can also order it a the "CreateSpace" store, I get a bigger royalty if people buy it that way, I think. ;-)


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