Monday, January 7, 2013

SSPX on Bishop Fellay's Comment about Jews

Here’s the SSPX’s statement/clarification about Bishop Fellay’s comment that characterizes Jews, Masons, and Modernistis as “enemies of the Church”; see my earlier post here.

SSPX USA District press release
Bishop Fellay's comment "enemies of the Church"


During a 2-hour conference given in Ontario, Canada on December 28th, 2012, Bishop Bernard Fellay, Superior General of the Society St. Pius X, commented on the relations between the Holy See and the SSPX during the last two years.

During the conference Bishop Fellay stated “Who, during that time, was the most opposed that the Church would recognize the Society? The enemies of the Church. The Jews, the Masons, the Modernists…”

The word "enemies" used here by Bishop Fellay is of course a religious concept and refers to any group or religious sect which opposes the mission of the Catholic Church and her efforts to fulfill it: the salvation of souls.

This religious context is based upon the words of Our Lord Jesus Christ as recorded in the Holy Gospels: “He that is not with me, is against me: and he that gathereth not with me, scattereth.” (Matthew 12:30)

By referring to the Jews, Bishop Fellay's comment was aimed at the leaders of Jewish organizations, and not the Jewish people, as is being implied by journalists.

Accordingly the Society of St. Pius X denounces the repeated false accusations of anti-Semitism or hate speech made in an attempt to silence its message.


  1. Thanks for the clarification : I did listen to Bishop Fellay and all I can say is Oh My !
    He made some pretty strong statements ...and I actually took notes . But I will listen again today in between phone calls and my other duties here at work of the strongest statements he made is the new mass is EVIL ...and many more . I was blessed by his presentation and his comments ! God Bless !

  2. Jeanne, I had to listen to it twice too. Bishop Fellay obviously does not belong to the Church of Nice. Although many do not agree with him, there are still many that respect the Society's unwillingness to compromise Truth. The SSPX has not changed their position over the years to accommodate the modernists, which takes great fortitude!

  3. Yes , Bishop Fellay does not belong to the Church of Nice ....I personally think he is solid and I like everything he had to say. When I think about the watered down new mass .....and the changing of those beautiful prayers and even doing away with many of them ...I shudder and cry out :God help us !
    But in many of Bishop Fellay's ending comments he said: God is in control, He is the Boss and He is allowing all of this for a reason , we must stay strong and uphole the TRUTH and the TRUE FAITH ...not the Church of Nice and its MODERN thinking and ways!
    God have mercy on us all!

  4. I wasn't looking for this, but it found me!

    It clear that we are living in a "politically correct" world where the greatest sin is to offend someone.

    With regard to the Jews as "enemies of the Church," I found the following in the Tan Publications version of True Devotion to Mary by St. Louis de Montfort, section 50 paragraph 6:

    "Mary must shine forth more than ever in mercy, in might and in grace, in these latter times: ... in might, against the enemies of God, idolaters, schismatics, Mahometans, Jews and souls hardened in impiety, who shall rise in terrible revolt against God to seduce all those who shall oppose them and to make them fall by promises and threats..."

    So here we have a canonized Saint referring to the Jews as "enemies of God." But now take a look at this same paragraph in EWTN's online copy of True Devotion to Mary ( I: Ch. 1)

    "In these latter times Mary must shine forth more than ever in mercy, power and grace; ... in power, to combat the enemies of God who will rise up menacingly to seduce and crush by promises and threats all those who oppose them..."

    Notice anything missing? Yeah, I did, too.

    Further, to save space, I won't publish the whole "before" and "after" of the Consecration of the Human Race to the Sacred Heart of Jesus by Pope Pius XI, but here is the part that is found in my 1957 Maryknoll Missal that is absent from many "modern" versions of the prayer, including the version used by the FSSP:

    "Be Thou King of all those who even now sit in the shadow of idolatry or Islam, and refuse not Thou to bring them into the light of Thy kingdom.

    "Look, finally, with eyes of pity upon the children of that race which was for so long a time Thy chosen people; and let Thy Blood, which was once invoked upon them in vengeance, now descend upon them also in a cleansing flood of redemption and eternal life."

    The revised version of this consecration can be found at while the original can be found at

    Apparently, not only are Jews NOT "enemies" but we aren't even supposed to pray for their conversion! (It seems the same is true for Islam).

    Isn't this what we always laughed about the Soviets doing? Changing history and changing texts?

    Just sayin...

  5. Terry - wow. No limit to what "ecumenism" can't do, I guess. I does the Church ever extract herself from this mess?

  6. It is discouraging to see the Church hide Her light behind a veil of false ecumenism. It's as if She has forgotten who She is. And maybe She has. But God hasn't forgotten and, therefore, the Church can't really forget. It just appears that way. We've seen the results of all this "pastoral" nonsense, but we're also seeing an emerging response, which is reason for hope (actually, there has ALWAYS been reason for hope but, burdened with dark glasses, it has been difficult to see, and remember). The way out is the way back. It takes a while for an aircraft carrier to turn around. But it's happening.


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