Saturday, January 26, 2013

Contraception is the Root of Abortion: ChurchMilitant.TV

Here’s a great “special report” on the March for Life in Washington, DC, from Michael Voris. You can read the entire script here, but this is the critical point:

No amount of spinning polling numbers or pointing to latest data and surveys will change this simple on the fact ground: even with hundreds of thousands marching, when it comes to making a change, Americans at the end of the day just didn’t care ENOUGH to throw the child killers out of office. It will be to this country’s everlasting shame.

And as for the pro-life movement, as it takes honest stock and looks in the mirror, it will be what it has turned out to be because of a strategic error all the way back at the beginning: that the 800 pound gorilla of contraception was never confronted head on.

When America accepted contraception and the pro-life movement side-stepped it, abortion had already secured the victory. And now, as we see, for the exact same reason, so too will same-sex marriage. Error must be dealt with immediately before it is allowed to spread.

If the epitaph on the tomb of America will be voters didn’t care enough, the one on the pro-life movement’s tomb will be: we spent everything we had on the wrong battle.

…[The] truth is: as long as contraception is accepted, there will never be an end to abortion.

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  1. That is a tough call and statement because the average person would disagree stronly with this statement ....they would say that two are on different sides of the fence ....BUT folks this is EVIL and evil to the core ....God has spoken HIS WORD and HIS COMMAND : Thou Shalt Not Kill planin and simple ! Enough said !!!!


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