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Vortex: Suicide by Heresy

Another great Vortex:

Here’s the script, with my emphases:

Lots of people are still dismayed that America re-elected Obama. Can’t figure out how he did it. Well, HE didn’t do it. History did it. Obama is just the happy recipient of the seeds of destruction that have come to full bloom at this particular moment of history.  

You could sum it up as simply as – he was in the right place at the right time.

And just what time IS it? It’s the moment where the scales finally tipped – they went their inevitable way and tipped in the direction of individual rule over the common good.

Now in truth, this has been in the offing for quite a while. Less and less Americans are religious these days. Even those who voted for Obama while claiming to be somehow religious are fooling themselves.

They aren’t religious in any meaningful way, with any connection whatsoever to an authentic understanding of religion, which is, at the end of the day, the ritualized practice of submission to the will of God.

In short, God comes first; we come second. But America hasn’t been anchored to that mooring for some time now. And the reason is because in supposedly Christian America, too many Americans have switched themselves for God. And this has happened because of the simple undeniable fact that what has ruled America up until now is the heresy of Protestantism.

What is Protestantism after all? It is the religion of self-determination.

Protestantism doesn’t require submission to the will of God, no matter how much it gives the illusion of that. Protestantism tells God what is right and wrong. That’s why there are tens of thousands of protestant denominations: because they each think they have the authority to determine the truth of God.

And when you reach a point like that, then you are done… individually. And when enough individuals reach that point, then as a collective – a nation - a society – they are done as well.

Enter America 2012.

Now, many milquetoast Catholics don’t like this topic. They think it’s mean to talk about Protestantism. In reality, it’s mean for THEM to sit in the comfort of their ignorance and cowardice and not tell people who are far from the truth exactly what the truth is.

Seriously, who do these milquetoast Catholics think they are? They call straight-talking
Catholics intolerant and judgmental – not seeing the supreme irony that leveling those charges at the straight-talking crowd – that out of their own mouths, they condemn themselves of what they consider the worst of all mortal sins.

Why is it they wouldn’t lift a finger or speak a word to correct those that ACTUALLY need correcting, but they will unload like a militia on those who POINT OUT that correction in needed?

Here’s why. Because they don’t believe that Protestantism is a heresy, or needs correcting. Which when you dig down a little further means they don’t believe there is
REALLY anything special about the Catholic faith – and CERTAINLY not superior.

They don’t believe it because they are, in the VERY ESSENCE of their religious belief, Protestant themselves. And they are a great millstone around the neck of the Church.

It’s why so many Catholics – a majority – could walk into the voting booth and pull the lever for Obama with a straight face; and then defend it. They are ignorant. Whether they are INVINCIBLY ignorant or not – the Judge of the Universe will have to rule.

But even more, there are Catholics who are not Obama Catholics, who are simply wimps. These are the cowards. They compromise the other part of what is so wrong in the Church these days.

THE concern for them, that trumps ALL OTHER concerns, is that no one’s feelings be hurt, that no one be offended, that we all just get along and no one rock the boat. They are more cowardly and delusional than Neville Chamberlain handing chunks of Europe over to Hitler in exchange for “peace”.

And not only are they more cowardly, they are also more dangerous. Chamberlain’s actions only cost land and lives. These cowards’ actions cost immortal souls.

This crowd – and we all know plenty of them – could easily be called “the shut down” crowd. They are always looking to shut down meaningful necessary discussion because at the end of the day, they don’t like what will happen when these discussions of Catholic faith versus Protestant heresy start going.

They want – as Neville Chamberlain’s cave-in at Munich has been described – a “peace at ANY price” approach. What they will not face the music on is that Truth trump peace – especially the artificial phony peace of playing footsie with a heresy.

When a heresy is left unchecked, people’s minds are poisoned. When their minds are poisoned, they actually lose the ability to perceive the truth any longer, and they begin to live a lie.

Such is the price of falling from grace. America is done because she fell from grace. She fell from grace because she was no longer able to distinguish right from wrong.  And she gave up the ability to arrive at the truth because she accepted the lie of a heresy – the lie that is at the heart of Protestantism: that we…me… I get to determine what is right and wrong, and then go a step further and actually ascribe that determination to God.

And if that’s not enough, then I build my own man-made religion around it. I’ve actually had Protestant preachers tell me to my face, with not an ounce of shame, that some of the teachings Our Blessed Lord taught are – get this; their words now – “non-essential”.

Yep: the Lord and Master of the Universe, the Creator, the Savior, the Word Incarnate, the Redeemer of the world, Whose mission was to show us the way to the Father… sat around and just blabbed out “non-essentials”.

These people and faithful Catholics don’t worship the same God – or at the very least simply don’t have anything close to the same understanding of Him.

We’re gonna pick up with this theme in tomorrow’s Vortex because this heresy and its consequences – earthly and other-worldly – needs to be exposed – no matter how many milquetoast Catholics trapped in its web think its mean to talk about.

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