Monday, December 17, 2012

Cardinal Burke at Clear Creek Monastery

For your viewing pleasure! (For more info about Clear Creek Monastery, visit their website.)


  1. One of my trips and vacations spots for this year!

  2. I had the pleasure of meeting Cardinal Burke at St. Francis de Sales oratory last year ....what a blessing and an event that I will never forget ! What a gentle man and a beautiful shepherd we have : God Bless Cardinal Burke !

  3. Wow, Jeannie! You are indeed blessed!

  4. Thanks for posting that, Jay. How beautiful. I had the supreme pleasure of spending four days there with the small group of Sisters that are loosely attached to these monks. I don't know if they're still there or if they've received official recognition yet. Their "house" was just down the road from the monks, back when they were just beginning to build the new monastery.

    We'd go to Mass with the monks twice a day, held in a small make-do lovely chapel. It was like Heaven on earth, truly. The chant is other-worldly, the incense is thick, and it was the first time I'd ever seen the ancient practice of several priests/monks offering Mass at the same time throughout the chapel. The main celebrant at the main altar, but 6 others going on at the same time. Wow.

    My retreat with the Sisters was at a time when I was discerning a vocation and they were one of only a very few who are 1) traditional, and 2) would consider a "late" vocation as I was already in my 40's. Alas, I didn't feel called to them. I found myself wishing that I could've spent the entire time with the monks instead (!) but of course they're an enclosed order ~ couldn't even talk to the monks, only the Prior and one other.

    Such a holy place. I'd love to go back again someday. I know they have a house off the grounds for folks to come and visit. Can be difficult to get to as it's a couple of hours from Tulsa and the roads wash out regularly. But it's worth it ~ I'd love to see their new monastery!

  5. Sounds like a great experience all the way around. The voluminous clouds of incense in the video did impress me, too! I love incense, but it is not used often enough around here! And some people in one parish start coughing loudly at the mere mention of it!

    I'm curious as to the name of the order of sisters.

  6. I'll bet that Elizabeth is referring to the "Clear Creek Sisters": "... Nuns of the Order of Saint Benedict"

  7. I am planning to attend "heaven on earth " this spring sometime , care to join me ladies !
    Thanks for the detailed info also and sharing of your experience at Clear Creek ....
    I must go and soak it all in !
    God Bless !

  8. Elizabeth when is the best time to go to Clear your opinion ?

  9. @Catholic Agronomist: Yes, that is them. I went to the website to see and it looks like they've come a ways since I was there. At the time, the Prioress (I think her name was Sr. Annunciata?) said their goal was to eventually attain fully cloistered status. I don't know if that's still the plan nor could I tell if they're officially regularized yet.

    @Jeanne: I couldn't say when the best time of year would be. It would be best to contact the Abbot for his opinion. My guess is to go NOT during the rainy season!


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