Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Advent Adventure

I’m planning to spend this Advent really preparing for the coming of Our King…as in more prayer and meditation, and less blogging. 

I’m not sure whether that will mean less frequent posting from me during Advent, but I think the posts that appear will probably more often be meditative pieces that I’ve “stolen” from the Church fathers or from solid preaching by Fr. Eric Andersen and others.

That said, I do have one more humorous post about altars to provide for you tomorrow... ;-)

And, of course, Michael Voris will probably be making regular appearances here, too; but I’ll probably just embed the video and provide a link to the script, with little commentary.

Happy Advent!

1 comment:

  1. Happy Advent to you Dr. Jay .
    A most wonderful time , as I have come to know and love.
    Never really understood Advent, just thought it was a time for getting ready for Christmas and Baby Jesus .
    Oh Boy, that is not the whole picture now is it.
    I MUST get ready for HIS SECOND COMING!
    Daily to I prepare myself these days .
    I want to see the face of God and live for all eternity with HIM and the entire heavenly court!


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