Monday, May 21, 2012

Photos of Bishop Liam Cary Ordination!

Thanks to Marc Salvatore (marc@avcreate.comfor these incredible photos (and the captions) of the ordination of Bishop Liam Cary for the Diocese of Baker, May 18, 2012.
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Bishop Elect Liam Cary is addressed by His Excellency Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano,
Aposotlic Nuncio to the United States followed by the reading of the
Apostolic Letter of Pope Benedict XVI
appointing Father Liam Cary Bishop of the Diocese of Baker.
 This authenticates the discernment process of the Church
and the Holy Father's choice of this priest for ordination to the episcopate.

The Most Reverend John Vlazny Archbishop of Portland in Oregon
laying hands on Bishop Liam Cary during his ordination.

Bishop William Stephen Skylstad, Bishop Emeritus of Spokane,
Apostolic Administrator of Baker
laying hands on Bishop Liam Cary during his ordination. 

The Most Reverend Robert Vasa Bishop of Santa Rosa (former Bishop of Baker)
laying hands on Bishop Liam Cary during his ordination.

His Eminence Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I.,
Archbishop of Chicago laying hands on Bishop Liam Cary during his ordination.

His Excellency Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano,
Aposotlic Nuncio to the United States
 laying hands on Bishop Liam Cary during his Ordination.

This action, part of the Ordination Rite from earliest centuries,
expresses the power of the Word of God over us.
 The life of this new bishop must be thoroughly imbued
with the spirit of God's Word which is the foundation of his ministry.

Taking the Book of Gospels from a deacon, Archbishop Vlazny presents it to
Bishop Cary as a symbol of his ministry of preaching and teaching.

The bishop's ring and miter are presented with the
pastoral staff, which reflects the role of a bishop as one
who gathers and shepherds the people of God.


  1. I watched on the live feed and didn't see the banners. Did they decide to pass on them? Hope so.

  2. I saw a photo of parishioners with the banners in the Catholic Sentinel, and I heard that they did in fact use them. But I think they were either part of a pre-Mass thing, or maybe part of the processional right at the beginning of Mass. If they had to do it, that would have been the best option, I suppose! It sounds like all-in-all it was pretty reverent. And no female altar servers!

  3. The banners were brought in as the very first part of the procession at the beginning of Mass. They were processed two by two down the main aisle, around the altar and then out the side doors on both sides of the church. Next the Catholic Daughters processed in followed by the Knights of Columbus and then all the Priests, Bishops and Archbishops.

    1. Anonymous is right. The banners represented the Churches of the Diocese of Baker.I was setting in the back and all seemed to go well. I did not see any girl altar servers only men... however, there were a few women readers, but all in all every thing done properly and reverently. Bishop Cary was a very respected Priest in the Archdiocese by the many Priests that came from Portland Archdiocese. I'm like Jay though, I wished the ordination would have been held at the Baker Cathedral.

  4. While the microphones allow everyone to hear, it looks a wee bit odd to see wired participants in this ancient ceremony. Good to see so many positive developments in the Church these days: Pray for the Pope and the SSPX!


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