Saturday, May 26, 2012

Phamily Photos Just Phor Phun

 My son Sky visited here a couple of months ago. He lives in Virginia, and we don't see each other very often, so it was a treat to have him come and see our place in Oregon for the first time. 

I've only seen my grandson Willow a handful of times. He's ten years old now, and looks very much like his father (and has from day one)!

Here are some photos:

Three generations!

Half-siblings Sky and Ruthie

The family resemblance runs strong down hereditary line from Sky's father:
Sky with his dad (my ex-husband)

Willow with his grandfather

And here's a video Sky and friends made to advertise their inn/hostel in Charlottesville, Virginia:


  1. You got a beautiful family, doctor. The SSPX is building its new seminary in Charlottesville, VA., due in about 3 years. God bless.

  2. Thanks! Hey! Maybe the SSPX can help me convert my son!


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