Friday, April 13, 2012

Really, Cardinal Schönborn?

Life Site News article tells us that, since Cardinal Schönborn reversed himself and sided with the homosexual man whom a parish priest had said could not serve on the Parish Council, the priest involved has asked for another assignment (all emphases mine):

Coming only a few days after Easter, the resignation of Father Gerhard Swierzek, the pastor of a parish in the Archdiocese of Vienna, has been hailed by homosexualist activists in the Catholic Church as a victory. Fr. Swierzek had refused to allow an active homosexual, Florian Stangl, who is living in a legal registered partnership with another man, to sit on the parish council in the town of Stützenhofen.

A victory for the homosexualist activists? You bet it’s a victory. And it’s a scandal for the faithful – a scandal perpetrated by a cardinal archbishop. It’s a scandal perpetrated by a cardinal archbishop whose name is closely associated with the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  Cardinal Schönborn just gave the stamp of approval to homosexual unions. 

[Side note: Cardinal Schönborn also authored the “Youcat” (Youth Catechism), which has been criticized for its weak presentation on the sinfulness of homosexuality. Coincidence?]

Look, I'm not saying these things to be mean or disrespectful to the Cardinal. I'm saying them because I'm scandalized, too - and angry that a Cardinal, a Prince of the Church, would lead the faithful astray in this way, and fail to offer some correction to the homosexual men. Doesn't he care about their souls?

Fr. Swierzek, on the other hand, is standing firm for the truth; good for him! He’s the model to follow in this mess.

The Austrian Independent reported Tuesday that Fr. Swierzek has asked his superiors for another assignment. He said he was “saddened” that the cardinal archbishop of Vienna met with Stangl and his partner but had refused to meet with him about the situation.

What is it with these bishops who won’t meet with and discuss matters with their priests? I’m thinking of Fr. Marcel Guarnizo’s statement that he was not allowed to present his side of the story of his denial of Holy Communion to a self-described lesbian actively living a homosexual lifestyle. And I’m thinking of a couple of instances I know of personally, as well.

Anyway, I like the way Fr. Swierzek seems to think:

The German language Catholic news service quoted Fr. Swierzek saying “I have a priestly conscience and I respect divine and ecclesiastical law.” He explained that he could not remain active in a parish, whose members “wanted their right at any price”.

He cited the teaching of the Church according to Pope John Paul II and the Catechism of the Catholic Church on homosexual behaviour. “Living in sin is not considered to be the norm in a Catholic Church community,” he said. “It is much more the task of a priest to bring a sinner to penance.”

Exactly. There is no charity in letting a person who practices a grave sin remain bound by that sin. “Tolerance” of sinful activities does not save souls.

But the Cardinal, apparently, finds that a man living in an openly homosexual relationship – a “legal registered partnership”, in fact – is “at the right place”…whatever that means. 

A statement was later posted on the cardinal’s blog, saying, “…There are many parish councilors whose lifestyle does not in every way conform to the ideals of the Church.

Of course; we are certainly all sinners. And yet, all sin is not equal! Remember that pesky distinction between venial and mortal sin?! And according the Catechism of the Catholic Church:

…tradition has always declared that "homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered.” They are contrary to the natural law…Under no circumstances can they be approved.

And yet, the Cardinal – who should surely know what the CCC says! – has just given the distinct impression that homosexual acts can be approved. He said of the two homosexual men with whom he met:

“In view of the life-witness that each of them gives taken as a whole, and their commitment to the attempt to live a life of faith, the Church rejoices in their efforts. She does not thereby call the validity of her ideals into question.”

After his lunch with Stangl, Schönborn said he was “deeply impressed by his faithful disposition, his humility, and the way in which he lives his commitment to service.

I admit it: I have a tough time dealing
with a Cardinal who condones and
participates in a balloon Mass, and
who condones homosexual activity.
Sorry, but I submit that any Catholic who is living in an openly homosexual relationship and who has formalized that relationship according to the laws of the land cannot objectively be said to be committed “to the attempt to live a life of faith”.  This type of openly homosexual relationship shows a refusal to accept the clear teaching of the Church;  these men do not seem in any way repentant regarding their homosexual behavior, nor do they manifest any intent to amend their lives. This is not a “faithful disposition”. And neither does it reflect humility; on the contrary, open defiance of Church teaching surely indicates a measure of arrogance that says “I know better than Holy Mother Church”.

And furthering the scandal caused by the Cardinal’s comments, look who applauds his decision to support the homosexual man over the priest:

The head of the outlawed group, New Ways Ministry appears to agree. The renegade priest, Francis DeBernardo, who directs the group, said the cardinal’s position supported their own, “that no one in the church follows all of the church’s principles, and that it is their total life commitment, not their adherence to litmus tests, which qualify them for church leadership”.

“Litmus tests”?! Give me a break. We are all subject to a “litmus test” when it comes to being in a state of grace and receiving Holy Communion, being in communion with the Church. It’s called sin. If you’ve committed a mortal sin, you’re not in a state to receive Communion. You are not in communion with the Church. Period. Steps must be taken to correct that – confession, contrition, and penance, and a firm resolve not to sin again!

And that old saw “no one in the Church follows all of the Church’s principles”…what exactly do they mean by that? Are they simply saying “No one’s perfect”? That’s true enough; but we are supposed to always be striving toward perfection: “Be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect” (Matthew 5:48).  And if they are saying that no one really believes all that Catholic stuff, I beg to differ. New converts being received into the Church say, “I believe and profess all that the holy Catholic Church believes, teaches, and proclaims to be revealed by God” during the rites of initiation.
Thousands were received into the Church just last week,
and they all said, "I believe and profess..."
I said it when I was received into the Church.

I meant it.

How about you, Cardinal Schönborn?


  1. Jay, you have shown the kind of courage it will take, in the midst of the incredible darkness now descending upon the Church.

    Thank you for writing this.

    May your voice be heard.

    The unspeakable betrayal of the Church by Her Own princes proceeds apace.

  2. The Cardinal is wrong. Terribly wrong!

  3. I too appreciate your courage in addressing this scandalous decision by Cardinal Schonborn. It seems that very few Catholic commentators are willing to address this situation. I don't understand this lack of dialog on the Cardinal's actions. Surely his is one of the most public and powerful Church leaders in the world. The darkness thickens.

  4. It is shocking and heartbreaking that this terrible subversion of faith and morals has been endorsed by a bishop and cardinal. 45-plus years from the occasion of the concerted heretical destruction of the Church and the Faithful, they are still openly attacking the Faith and morals and leading souls to perdition - with impunity. Why are these enemies of the Church not disciplined and endangered souls protected by the Church, some 50 years after this demonic rebellion? How many more souls led into mortal sin? Lord have mercy!

  5. Excuse me, Anonymous, but dialog isn't what's needed in the case of Schonborn and others. I love our Holy Father and I really don't like to feel this way, but why in the heck doesn't he DO SOMETHING, like, I don't know, excommunication? I don't know what actions can legitimately be taken against an Archbishop, but surely something, wouldn't you think? Seems ever since VII, there's dialog, talking, pastoral sensitivity, blah, blah, blah. How's that been working out for the Church? The faithful continue to be scandalized and led astray. Lord have mercy.

  6. Remember what Lucia told us that the Blessed Mother stated back in the Message of Fatima :
    That is what we are witnessing .
    Schonborn and the likes need and should be dealt with , and why are they not?
    God help us all.
    I pray for Mercy for our pastoral leaders who are NOT holding firm to the TRUE teachings of OUR CATHOLIC FAITH!

  7. Do you recall when the Pope was in Lebanon and presented gifts the youth presented a gigantic 'replica' YouCat? I thought it rather an embarassment. It seemed the youth and sponsers didn't know any better. Here-in, there-in. seems almost every where-in lies a problem.

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