Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ode to the LCWR

There once was a group of old sisters
Who just weren’t very good listeners.
Church doctrine, it’s said,
Was over their heads;
True logic just gave them blisters.

These sisters tried to refine
What constitutes the divine.
Their habits they shed,
Gray hairs grew on their heads,
And their lives became re-defined.

But the “old men” in Rome grew weary
Of those nuns so dark and dreary.
The men said, “Reform
And comply with the norm!”
(And they even added, “Hear ye!”)

Sister Joan says, “We’ve done nothing wrong;
We want to keep going along
Thinking our thoughts –
Not connecting the dots.
Logic’s not part of our song.”

“Ordination of women,” they say,
“Will come to the Church one fine day.
The old men in Rome
Will have to go home
When wymenpriests come here to stay.”

“It’s our right to think it!” says Joan,
With a sad little sigh and a moan.
She spouts ideology
In place of theology
Despite all the lies that are sown.

They cry for “justice and peace”,
With whining that simply won’t cease.
“Let women abort!”
“Let ‘gay’ folks consort!”
They’ve forgotten the unborn – the “least”.

Is just a falling star.
They ought to disband,
Cuz the Church just can’t stand
To let them remain as they are.

The future of women religious!


  1. BRAVO, JAY!!! Wonderfully put and done. Congrats!!

  2. Well done!

    To echo your excellent verse... a few lines, in a similar spirit, to an anonymous LCWR type:

    Sister's got her knickers in a knot
    'cause the bishops, to her hi-jinx, said "Not!"
    Rome said "You're done!"
    - hey, it's nun on the run.
    Farewell to her nun-sense and rot.

  3. Wendell - way to go! I'll enlist your help the next time!


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