Saturday, April 21, 2012

Enjoying Springtime

The sun is shining, and it was warm enough at 8am to dispense with the thermal underwear...

So, just to share in the joy of springtime in Baker City (which comes late, and doesn't stay too long), here are some photos.

Plenty of snow in the mountains...always pretty against a blue sky!

In the warmer, sunnier parts of the yard, the daffodils are blooming. Daffies are my favorite flowers!

The grass is green again (and Jerry has mowed the yards twice already!). The dogs will chase the ball whether the grass is green or not. Here, Luke waits for the inevitable as Lady approaches to steal the tennis order to bring it to me to throw again.

And...a new addition to the doggie crew: Sally. I have protested, "NO MORE DOGS!" for a long time, but what can I say? How do you say "no" to a face like that? Anyway, Ruthie wanted this pup, and I agreed only on the premise that Ruthie will take care of her. I threatened that if I ended up doing all the work, Sally would be finding another home. (Yeah. Right. Like that'll happen.)

This last one is a it all the way to the end (30 seconds) for the fun part. It's  actually from last summer; it's a sign of things to come:


  1. Isn't it grand to have some sunshine. I spent the afternoon planting some tomato plants that a friend started from seed in his green house. I don't like to plant them before May 1 but I just couldn't stand it. I even got dirt under my finger nails.

  2. In Baker City, people say "Never plant before Mother's Day" - and it's been true in the years we've been here that there's always another bad freeze after the sunny weather begins! No matter; I enjoyed yesterday, and today is more of the same - supposed to be 80 degrees.


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