Saturday, February 11, 2012

Obama's Not Stupid

Guest Commentary by Jerry Boyd

My family and I are fortunate to live in “cowboy country”, where almost everyone, church-going or not, shares the Judeo-Christian values on which this God blessed nation was founded.  Those few who don’t are transplants from former hippydom, and can usually be found at the only coffeeshop-bookstore in town.  Almost everyone here dislikes the little wanna-be dictator who occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and they do so for a variety of reasons.

A  few of those I run into think Barry is “stupid”.  WHOA!! Put on the brakes and slide that horse to a stop. Obama is a lot of things, but stupid is not one of them. He is, rather, a calculating, cunning, devious ideologue who, if not enough of those things in his own right, is surrounded by a host of seasoned, like-minded socialists who mentor him at every turn.  While he hides all of the evidence at great expense, one can conclude that he was smart enough to earn a law degree, though not smart enough apparently to keep his law license.

Looking at the travesty of justice commonly referred to as the HHS edict on insurance-provided contraception, we can see that Obama's “smarts” in terms of furthering his agenda can clearly be seen. I have spent decades in a profession where tactics can determine survival, and it is clear to me that someone in the current regime, likely not BO himself, is tactically smart. Propose something like the HHS edict and your already-swooning followers will be even more committed to you. Announce a (completely unacceptable from a moral perspective) “accommodation” and you regain the support of some of the unknowing and gullible who originally opposed the edict….enough catholics, for example, to maintain close to the 54% catholic vote that propelled the Constitution-hating president into office in the first place.

And the brilliance of what seems to me to be a very calculated move on the regime’s part is that while the mandate, and indeed all of “Obamacare”, flies in the face of the US Constitution, no determination to that effect  can occur until after the next presidential election.  But…but…but you say there are already lawsuits filed against the edict.  Yep!  But they cannot be heard by a court of competent jurisdiction until the laws actually go into effect and that is not until after the election (from the Obama perspective) “is in the bag”.

There may be (and I hope “may” proves true) one bright spot to the tactics the Marxist employed in this instance. In fact, he and his handlers may have actually made a tactical mistake. The one aspect of his current shenanigans that might backfire is that the “accommodation” is so obviously NOT an accommodation as to be patently obvious. It remains clear, even to liberal Catholic university law professors, that Obama is defying nearly 236 years of US history and established law by trying to (once again) violate the Constitution in a manner that impacts every citizen. If he violates the second amendment to the Constitution (that’s likely coming), he alienates gun owners. When he violates the first amendment, as he has in this case, the rights of every American are violated. That explains why even some liberals are ready to fight him on this. Only extreme socialists like Obama can take pride in this exercise of social engineering, and do so with smiles on their faces.

The US Bishops have gotten this one right so far. They took a little time, obviously consulted with some legal experts, evaluated the “accommodation”, identified its flaws, and then spoke precisely and concisely regarding its defects. Their reasoned approach in this case has brought them favor with representatives of many other faiths – each of whom have some impact on both the House and Senate which may enact legislation to counter Obama’s latest implementation of the “little Red Book”. Let’s hope so, and as Catholics let us fight this and every effort to impose socialism on this country with every ounce of our being, and every prayer from our hearts and lips.

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