Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bishops and "Catholic" Politicians...Again

Some of our US bishops have made some great, strong-sounding statements of late, taking the Obama administration to task for the trampling of our religious freedom and conscience rights via the HHS contraception mandate. Many bishops had a form letter (a very good form letter, to be sure) read aloud in parishes all over the US last, urging Catholics to contact their senators and representatives to protest the HSS mandate.

The lay faithful (“faithful” being the operative word here) seem to be thrilled that their bishops are finally showing a little backbone. Okay, it’s all words at this point, but what the heck – there are a whole bunch of bishops willing to speak out in the public square. This is good. People are talking about standing behind our bishops, supporting them with prayer and fasting.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi just stated for the cameras that “I’m going to stick with my fellow Catholics in supporting the administration” on the HHS contraception mandate. (H/T to tantamergo; see it also here with transcript for difficult-to-hear reporter's question.)

What?! Umm…bishops?! She just dissed you, big time.

[Well, I can't get the video to appear here; see it at the links provided!]

Pelosi just said that her “fellow Catholics” support the administration. Okay, she probably just meant her fellow “catholics”, like VP Joe Biden and HSS secretary Kathleen Sebelius. But still. She just made it sound like ALL Catholics support the Obama administration in this.  And she sure isn’t talking about bishops when she says “fellow Catholics”, because they sure don't support the mandate!

So, bishops…what are you going to do about it? It is time, dear bishops, to do something about these so-called “Catholic” politicians who trash the faith, trash you bishops, and lead real Catholics astray.

I’ve said it before:

Now is the time for the bishops to say - in one, loud, unified voice - that "Catholic" politicians whose political statements and affiliations fly in the face of Catholic teaching should NOT...NOT...NOT even seek to receive Holy Communion. And if they do, they should be denied. The bishops need to make this point clear to their priests. The priests need to make it clear to their "extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion."

…This all dovetails very nicely into re-educating the faithful in the pews. They would see the politicians being refused. They could be encouraged to ask whether they themselves are receiving Communion worthily. They would be forced to see what the Church teaches and whether or not they are in communion with that teaching.

In that same post, I linked to a Vortex episode called “Obama and Catholic Traitors”, in which Michael Voris hits the nail on the head – as usual. This Vortex aired on October 4, 2011. Every word makes even more sense today. Watch it for yourself (below), but here are some key excerpts (my emphases and comments):

The horrendous moral path that America has marched down has been disproportionately led by Catholics – bad Catholics who have betrayed the faith.

…When the Obama’s immoral and unjust health care plan was heading down to defeat in the US Congress is was a handful of Catholic lawmakers that snatched passage from the jaws of defeat and got it over the line with just enough votes. They were encouraged by a nun who lied about the reality of Obamacare regarding abortion [and directly contradicted the bishops]. Now contraception, sterilization, and the lack of conscience clause for Catholic hospitals and health care workers...all these chickens are coming home to roost.

…The so-called health care law is being shoved down the throats of Catholic hospitals and educational institutions by yet another back-stabbing Catholic: Kathleen Sebelius

These are just some of the more recent members of the Catholic traitors rogue gallery. The old war horses like Catholic in name only Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden are of course still stirring their cauldrons of anti-Catholic modernist evil every chance they get.

... These Judas Catholics worm thier way into these positions quite frequently by …present[ing] themselves as “your typical Catholic”. They show up at Catholic events, like fish fries; enroll in Catholic associations like the Knights of Columbus; speak at Catholic schools and universities; and belong to various Catholic organizations. All of this gives the impression to Catholic voters … that these snakes in the grass are actually Catholic and at least passively accepted by the Church and her leaders and therefore OK to vote for…

…Once they get into elected office, like all politicians, they use their power platforms to network and move up and get entrenched into the political stratosphere through being appointed to this office or that department. Sebelius and Panetta are prime examples. They APPEAR to have the Catholic seal of approval and from those heights have caused evil to rain down on the culture.

…It is a very good thing that Archbishop Dolan and other bishops have dropped some of the niceties with Obama. He is supporting an agenda of evil and needs to be called on it. But calling him out is only one step.

The people [Obama] is using as some of his strongest generals are traitors to the bishops in their own camp. They too need to be called out. Organizations that support or coddle them mist be called out. Institutions that give them platforms must be called out.

And more than just called out; they all must suffer consequences for their dereliction and support of the cultural rot.

…The political traitors as well as ecclesial traitors must be dealt with and dealt with fast and in no uncertain terms. Their evil must be exposed and they must suffer the consequences for it – both for the sake of their own souls as well as the sake of others.

That is THE definition of charity.


  1. Dr. Jay,

    Read Ann Barnhardt's latest 3 part(quick read) posts.

    Ab homine iniquo, et doloso erue me

  2. Holy smokes, Adrienne. That is one heck of an article (all three parts). Certainly helps to bring things into focus for me.

  3. Obama knows (good little Marxist that he is) that the only potential formidable opponent to his socialism is the Holy Roman Catholic Church. He is well aware of the fact that the "average" Catholic has neither the moral foundation nor conviction to oppose him (54% of catholics voted for him in 2008). He does not fear the loss of those votes because he has co-opted "prominent" "catholics" and put them in very visable positions where they can influence the CINOs that "think" those so-called leaders are catholics like they are--and there they may be right. None of those prominent catholics, and indeed the average catholic are nothing more than CINOs.

    Obama is not stupid. He is evil, cunning, smart, and the puppet of those long in opposition to the true Catholic Church. The only hope on the HHS issue is that it is far enough out of line with the Constitution that the SCOTUS will reverse it. But that is, in reality, just a small piece of a larger agenda---and on the larger agenda he is winning.

  4. Pelosi and her so-called "fellow Catholics" are not part of MY CATHOLIC CHURCH. Silly, frivolous people. This is the fault of our failed clergy. I never hear a priest on Sunday say, "if you vote for a supporter of abortion you are not being a disciple of Christ." Why, because as I've been told by many priests, the people will not come back to church. Seems that the priests are only interested in money. Woe to you scribes and pharisees. See Matt. 23, et seq.


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