Friday, February 3, 2012

Freedom. Period.

The news about the Susan G. Komen Foundation re-funding (maybe) instead of de-funding Planned Parenthood causes me more distress than the HSS contraception mandate.

Komen’s ostensible reversal - whether it's truly a reversal or not seems to be a matter under discussion -  has quite a story behind it, I suspect, and that story is not pretty. Call me paranoid, but I’ll bet there is extortion involved.  Not to mention threats, lies, and deceit. No wonder Jill Stanek is using the phrase “abortion mafia”. God only knows what has been said behind closed doors. Well…the devil knows, too, because he was there.

Dr. Ed Peters has a cogent post on the subject, and I will quote him briefly here:

But this year, Komen said that it would not make a donation to Planned Parenthood, and an unbelievable outcry erupted. Why? Because one non-profit, Komen, said it did not choose to donate to another non-profit, Planned Parenthood. What condemnations Komen suffered! What contemptuous scoldings! What hatred! And all because it, as an independent non-profit, decided that it did not want to make what was supposed to be a free gift to another independent non-profit. Now we read that Komen’s leadership has yielded to the fury and basically decided to make other “free” gifts to Planned Parenthood.

May I ask, where is it written that, once someone donates to a cause, one must forever donate to that cause?

When I was a kid, we were always saying, “Well, it’s a free country, ya know!” whenever we were challenged on a particular “choice” we did or did not make. Back in my old playground days, Susie would have said, “I don’t have to play with Maggie if I don’t want to.” And if pressed, she’d’ve added, “It’s a free country, ya know.”

Can we still say that?

Even in elementary school there was always the school bully taking another kid’s lunch or lunch money. Today, in the governmental sphere, the “bullies” are really taking over. The Constitution is being trampled in more ways than one. Our taxes are paying for things we don’t want them to pay for (and have been for some time; it’s not just Obama who has done this). And now a non-profit organization has been castigated for considering not giving money to another non-profit (uh…yeah) organization. It’s not even the government bullies doing the coercing on this one! (well…not officially, anyway).

I think we’d better watch out for any and all of our freedoms.

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