Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Evil of Contraception: The Vortex

On Ash Wednesday, the Vortex addressed the issue of artificial contraception from the standpoint of the battle currently going on in the Philippines to prevent the legalization of contraception. This issue is incredibly important to the recovery of moral values in our nation; so many people – so many Catholics – just don’t get it…and that needs to change.

Here’s your "Readers' Digest condensed version" of the salient points of Michael Voris's presentation; watch the entire episode below.

From the script:

So let’s examine in short summary what Pope Paul VI said in his encyclical Humane Vitae  [On Human Life]. It can be boiled down to 4 major points.

Birth control would cause [or at least be correlated with]:

1) An overall lowering of moral standards
2) A rise in infidelity and illegitimacy
3) The reduction of women to objects for men’s pleasure
4) Government coercion in reproductive matters.

And now with Obama’s evil mandate, the fourth point has now come to pass. Who knew Pope Paul was a prophet?

All Filipinos need to do is look at America and run down the checklist from Pope Paul. Since birth control became legal and widespread in the United States every one of those things has come to pass…in spades.

Moral standards have been lowered so much that morality ITSELF is now seen as strange and outdated.

In 1960, 5.3% of all births in America were to unmarried women. By 2010, it was over 40 percent. In 1960 married families accounted for three out of every four households; by 2010, it was less than half. And living together has increased tenfold since 1960. And as for Pope Paul’s prediction about government coercion... we’d like to introduce you to the face of evil and government coercion [Obama’s contraception mandate]…

In the space of just fifty years…the fabric of American society has been torn apart. And it is owing to contraception. And as an aside, for a person like Obama who wants to continue to remaking of America, contraception is a perfect weapon. Of course, what follows in the wake of contraception is abortion. More people having more sex means more pregnancies – contraception or not – and many of those new lives will end suddenly and painfully in abortion chambers.

How can anyone seriously defend contraception and birth control as legitimate? It has left in its deadly wake struggling single mothers, fathers who have completely abandoned their duties to their own sons, tens of millions of dead children, nuclear level divorce rates, an epidemic of pornography. Evil begets evil as surely as night follows day...

…There is only one remedy for the collapse of a culture, and that is Catholic teaching. Catholic teaching is the only thing that upholds the dignity of the person from womb to tomb. If Catholics in America – including the leaders – can find the vigor to announce this convincingly, then there might still be hope for the west.

While the battle over contraception – which is ULTIMATELY a battle between good and evil – is being fought in different ways in The Philippines and the United States the battle in the US may in the end prove to be the more important. An enemy must be defeated by cutting off the head…and there is no doubt that the dragon of sexual immorality lives in the United States. This must be defeated there – no matter how daunting the task.

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