Friday, September 13, 2013

Planned Self-Destruction of the Church: Vortex

I don't have time to write today, but yesterday's (Sept.12) Vortex is well worth watching (when is it NOT?!). 

Read the script here.


  1. Back in the 1930's the Communist Party, wanting to spread world-wide, determined that the two biggest obstacles to that objective being accomplished were the Holy Roman Catholic Church and the United States of America. Military conflict would not defeat either so the ever patient communists settled on another plan. Negate the influence and strength of both the Church and USA by slowly and subtly "re-directing" them away from the moral foundations upon which they were based.

    What better way to do that than to infiltrate both with beneath the radar operatives. It appears they have been successful and that little is left of the historic institution of the Church and the historic strength of the USA to stand in communism's way.

  2. Michael's Vortex episode reminds me of the book "An Open Letter to Confused Catholics" By His Grace Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre:

    It is a chilling read for our present times, regardless of your opinion on the SSPX. You certainly won't be disappointed that you read it - just very saddened to discover in detail a first-hand witnessing of the decline within the Church.

  3. Of course there is a plan.
    Randy Engel of the U.S. Coalition for Life published it and everyone should know it:

    "D.L.D: Religion's important because it is eternal and we... people who would follow the church will not buy our rules about change. But if we make our own religion, if we define what is religion then we can change it as it suits us.
    Yes, the Roman Catholic Church... I was kind of flattered sitting here as a catholic, hearing it pointed out that the church is the one obstacle that, he said, 'We have to change that. And once the Roman Catholic Church falls, the rest of Christianity will fall easily".
    R.E: I notice that, as the conversation went on, he said, "Now you may think Churches will stand in the way, but I want to tell you that they will HELP us", and he didn't say they will help us, all except the Roman Catholic Church... he said, "They will help us", and unfortunately...
    D.L.D: He was right.
    RE: He didn't say this explicitly, but again it was one of those themes that came through... he apparently thought the use of words was real important because he mentioned this with regard to a number of things, like the Bible. The very same as the psychiatrist, Joost Merloo mentioned that "if you want to control the people, you control the language first". Words are weapons. He apparently knewthat very well and I think the controllers as a whole know this very well. Of course, it's part of their campaign.
    But that little statement about words, that "words will be changed". When I heard that I thought... "Instead of saying'alter' you say 'table'. Instead of saying 'sacrifice' you say 'meal' with regard to the Mass", and people say, "That's not important". Of course, you know that's VERY important, otherwise, why would they bother to change it? Otherwise, why go through all this rigmarole if it isn't important? It's obviously important for them because they know WITH THE CHANGING OF WORDS YOU CHANGE IDEAS.
    D.L.D: They're exerting a lot of effort and time to change it and they're not exerting effort on things that are NOT important, so yes, you're absolutely right.
    The priest no longer has the role... in some cases he no longer has the role the priest formerly had. Because words carry meaning. There's the dictionary definition, but I think we all know that certain words carry meaning that is a little bit hard to put into words... but they carry meaning.
    So yes, controlling the language... you THINK in your language. You think to yourself in English or Spanish or whatever language you're familiar with, but when you think, you talk to yourself and you talk to yourself in words, just the way you talk to other people. And if you can control the language with which one person speaks to himself or one person speaks to another you've gone a
    long way towards controlling what that person is ABLE -what he is CAPABLE of thinking, and that has both an inclusionary and an exclusionary component to it. You set the tone...."
    page 29
    there´s much more:

  4. Here´s the summary and the plan according to the book "AA-1025: The Memoirs of an Anti-Apostle" (still available):
    "The destruction of the Church, that is, the destruction of the New Order Church, is proceeding according to a plan conceived decades ago. Of course, there are many factors that contribute to the destruction, but it is not possible to deny that a significant part of that destruction has been based on deliberate subversion, developed over the better part of the last century.
    I had heard of the book entitled AA-1025: The Memoirs of an Anti-Apostle, but I had not taken the time to read it until now. I have now had that opportunity and am now about halfway through the book, which has already provoked many reflections.
    Background. In the 1960s, a French Catholic nurse, Marie Carré attended an auto-crash victim who was brought into her hospital. The man lingered there near death for a few hours and then died. He had no identification on him, but he had a briefcase in which there was a set of quasi-biographical notes. She kept these notes and read them, and because of their extraordinary content, decided to publish them.
    The book was originally published in May 1972 in French under the title ES-1025, ES standing for Élève Seminariste, or Seminary Student. In 1973 it was published in English as AA-1025, AA standing for Anti-Apostle.
    It is a succinct (125 pages or so) account of an atheistic Communist mole, who in 1940 was purposely sent by his superiors to inflitrate the Catholic priesthood, along with 1024 others at that time, charged with the mission to subvert and destroy the Church from within by helping effect its auto-destruction, a odd term specifically used by Paul VI years later in his December 7, 1968, Address to the Lombard Seminary at Rome. The Anti-Apostle and his 1024 colleagues were triumphantly successful, as far as the New Order Church goes.
    Read the plan here:

    Dr. Alice von Hildebrand said this:
    AVH:: I can only tell you what I know. It is a matter of public record, for instance, that Bella Dodd, the ex-Communist who reconverted to the Church, openly spoke of the Communist Party’s deliberate infiltration of agents into the seminaries. She told my husband and me that when she was an active party member, she had dealt with no fewer than four cardinals within the Vatican “who were working for us.”
    God alone is the judge of Paul VI. But it cannot be denied that his pontificate was a very complex and tragic one. It was under him that, in the course of fifteen years, more changes were introduced in the Church than in all preceding centuries combined. What is worrisome is that when we read the testimony of ex-Communists like Bella Dodd, and study Freemasonic documents (dating from the nineteenth century, and usually penned by fallen-away priests like Paul Roca), we can see that, to a large extent, their agenda has been carried out: the exodus of priests and nuns after Vatican II, dissenting theologians not censured, feminism, the pressure put on Rome to abolish priestly celibacy, immorality in the clergy, blasphemous liturgies (see the article by David Hart in First Things, April 2001, “The Future of the Papacy”), the radical changes that have been introduced into the sacred liturgy (see Cardinal Ratzinger’s book Milestones, pp. 126 and 148, Ignatius Press), and a misleading ecumenism. Only a blind person could deny that many of the Enemy’s plans have been perfectly carried out.

  5. Martina, thanks for the links. I too have read AA-1025, and whether it is fact or fiction, it is chilling, precisely because it is easy to see how it could absolutely be true.


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