Saturday, September 7, 2013

My Second Blog-iversary!

Two years ago today, I published my first post on this blog!

Thank you to all who have read any of my posts; thanks to those of you who have left comments or emailed me; and thanks especially to all those who have offered words of encouragement. Those words mean more than you know! 

The words from hecklers...well...not so much! ;-)

It’s been an interesting second year of blogging! I learned a lot by digging a little deeper for information on topics I addressed here. I made several “virtual” friends (though I think I have lost one or two of them along the way). 

Mostly, though, I continue to see that I’m not alone. Thanks again, faithful Catholic readers!



  1. I can't believe your count is over 300K. I believe it was well below 20K when I started reading. You have given much food for thought. Keep up the wonderful work that you do.


  2. Happy anniversary! Keep up the great work!

  3. Happy Anniversary, Dr. Jay! I've been hangin' out with you for about a year now and especially enjoy your great sense of humor! : )

  4. Thank you all! It is an honor and a pleasure to know each of you!

  5. Happy Anniversary, Dr. Jay!!!

    I love your posts and enjoy them very much! Keep up the great work and have another great year of blogging!

    God bless.


  6. Thanks, Hannah! I think you get the prize for the "most youthful" reader I have! God bless you, and I pray for more young people with your faith and knowledge of the Truth!

  7. Happy Anniversary!!!! Thank you for all the work you've done these past two years!

  8. Thanks, Cam! Your blog always gives me a breath of fresh air and puts a smile on my face. Anyone else who likes a blog with humor and cute kids (and especially a little girl who loves God and wants to be a nun) check out

  9. Happy Anniversary, Jay! Wow, how time flies. Your blog was such a good find for me 2 years ago (is that all?) and continues to be my daily dose of inspiration, information, humor and camaraderie. You feel like a friend whom I've never met in person. Thanks for all you do!

  10. Thanks, Elizabeth - I know what you mean about a "friend whom I've never met in person"! Definitely true for me too, with a number of people who comment here an/or have emailed me.

  11. Congratulations, Dr. Jay! I loved your blog from the first moment I found it some months ago. Keep up your real catholic work!

  12. Happy number two, Dr. Boyd. :^)

    I visit nearly every day. Came here two years ago via Tantam's blog.

    See? Little blogs like yours, Tantam's, SuperT's, Carol McKinley's.... a true grass movement by the laity to ready ourselves for the winter before the springtime.

    God love you,

  13. Congratulations!

    You know how much I love your blog. You've been blessed with a true sensus catholicus and a lot of common sense. Keep up with the good work!

    God bless!


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