Monday, September 23, 2013

CMTV's Presentations on Freemasonry

Today's Vortex gives us a sort of "trailer" and some comments by Michael Voris on CMTV's new "FBI" (Faith Based Investigation) show on freemasonry. The Vortex is the usual 8 minutes or so, and gives a taste of the "FBI: Freemasonry" show.

The FBI show is just under 2 hours long, and packed with fascinating - and frightening - information. This is not a "conspiracy" piece - it's factual, based on quotes from Freemasonry "founding fathers" and other who have played prominent roles in the propagation of this diabolic organization. There are also plenty of quotes from the papal documents (23 documents from 12 popes) which have been condemning Freemasonry since the 1700's. At the end, there is a prayer to pray for men who have joined the Masons and remain in the grip of the deception - I've copied that prayer into this post, below the videos.

I've embedded both the Vortex episode and the FBI: Freemasonry show below.

I watched the "Mic'd Up" show last week where freemasonry was discussed with John Salza, and I've read one of Salza's books on the subject. He has other books and materials at his website. 

The script for this Vortex is here.

Here's the show - very informative, and well worth your time to watch it. The "shooting script" is here.

O Lord Jesus Christ, who showest forth Thine omnipotence most manifestly when Thou sparest and hast compassion, Thou who didst say, "Pray for those who persecute and calumniate thee," we implore the clemency of Thy Sacred Heart on behalf of souls made in the image of God, but most miserably deceived by the treacherous snares of Freemasonry, and going more and more astray in the way of perdition. Let not the Church, thy Spouse, any longer be oppressed by them, but appeased by the intercession of the Blessed Virgin, Thy Mother, and the prayers of the just, be mindful of Thy infinite mercy and, disregarding their perversity, cause these very men to return to Thee, that they may bring consolation to the Church by a most abundant penance, make reparation for their misdeeds, and secure for themselves a glorious eternity. Who livest and reignest, world without end. Amen.


  1. Yes. The Freemason's are a crony organization, unfriendly to the Catholic Church and anti-Papal. A couple of years ago I reminded Catholic members at the chapels of Naval Base Kitsap (Washington) that they should not be members of the Freemasons. I backed it up with Pope John Paul II's letter affirming the position stated in Canon Law that "secret societies" included especially the Freemasons and should not receive Holy Communion. Shortly thereafter, an admiral from San Diego contacted our commanding officer requesting I be removed. Fortunately, the CO and senior chaplain supported me.

  2. Go, Michael!

    Keep exposing this evil for what it is!



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