Thursday, August 8, 2013

Only In Baker City, Oregon

This post has nothing to do with liturgy, NFP, or Catholic identity.

I just wanted to share these photos taken by my husband at the local Rite Aid store this morning...


  1. I'm the picture taker (Dr Jay's husband). Here's the story. I'm in the Rite Aid Pharmacy browsing the greeting card section when I get poked in the posterior. I look down to my left and here is this young (probably a 2 year old) buck deer with his antlers in velvet. He does not seem the least bit spooked and soon a crowd gathers around him. All of us whip out our cell phones and start taking pictures. The deer was very calm, much calmer than the store manager. Finally someone locks open the front sliding doors and the employees kind of push the deer out into the parking lot. The deer then headed for the Safeway market next door. I didn't stick around to see if he entered that store too.

    This is really in the center of town on its most heavily traveled street. Hopefully he made it a half mile south back into the hills.

  2. What on earth is this?! LOL!

    People here would probably be panicking, calling the police and screaming it's the end of the world!! LOL!

    Thanks for the laugh, Mr. and Mrs Boyd!

    God bless!


  3. When I saw the first picture I thought this was a very early Christmas ad. Maybe Rite Aid can use the pic. I hope this cute deer gets back to its family safely.

    Andrea Brown

  4. The first photo looks like a plastic deer you can buy for the yard. He looks kinda BIG to me! : )

  5. I know, the first photo does look fake! My husband took several, and a few other people did, too. The local newspaper used that first photo in their write-up of the event.


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