Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Michael Voris and His Dad

Michael Voris has recently interviewed his own father, Mr. Russ Voris; and part of the interview appears on the August 20 Vortex.

MV’s dad is 84 years old, and is a convert to the faith; he was received into the Catholic Church in the mid-1950’s, so he experienced the beauty and reverence of the “old Mass” for many years before the Novus Ordo Mass was instituted. He offers some insights into the “before and after” of Vatican II, with amusing asides showing his opinion of the changes he saw.

There is no transcript of the interview available, but I offer my summary and a few choice quotes below the video. 

After Mr. Voris met his future wife (“your future mother”, he says to MV), he sought advice from others, since he knew little about Catholicism. A Lutheran chaplain told him, “Whatever you do, don’t marry a Catholic. They’re out to take over the world!”

Mr. Voris went to see his future wife’s priest, whom he describes as a saintly man; and he found that the answers to his questions “were so sensible, so reasonable. You can’t study the Catholic faith with an open mind and not accept it.”

He describes going to the priest for instruction – “in those days, they instructed you individually,” he notes; MV asked, “There were no RCIA classes?!” Mr. Voris laughed and said, “Thank God, no!”

What was Catholic life like in the 1950’s? Mr. Voris tells us, “There were lines going to confession, every Saturday. There were no altar girls, no Eucharistic ministers. You did not touch the consecrated host. It was truly as it was meant to be, and it had produced saints over millennia. The beauty, the joy, everything about it spoke of God. You walked into a Catholic church and you knew that was God’s house.”

My two cents’ worth: Ah yes. God’s house should be a little intimidating, don’t you think? Awe-inspiring, perhaps? Giving the sense that the Almighty King of the Universe dwells there? The God who holds our lives and all creation in His hand, and is the only reason we exist? Here's the little mission church where I attend:

So sad! Yes there are limits with a tiny church like ours, but we could trade in the '70's style for "classic Catholic", as this photo shows.  (Of course, we'd still need to get rid of the wall Rosary, and replace that dining room captain's chair with something more appropriate for a priest of God!) But the parishioners-in-charge rejected this "style" because "we don't want to scare the children" and "we want people to feel comfortable."

Back to the interview: Mr. Voris notes that the difference between the Church now and the Church in the 1950’s “is the difference between night and day.”

Everything about Catholicism that I learned and absorbed and treasured…I see none of that now. You go to empty churches, empty confessionals…people holding hands at the Our Father, taking Holy Communion in their hands. This is all so contrary to the Catholic faith that I came into.”

He adds, “Nothing would have the same magnetism now that I experienced when I came into the Church.” The “old Mass” drew him in; “the statues, the lamps” and all of the traditional and reverent furnishings of the Church were a part of that magnetism for him.

“Everything spoke of Catholic in that year,” he says; “now it speaks of everything contrary to Catholic.”

Mr. Voris attributes the turn-about to the social upheaval of the 1960’s, Vatican II, the Vietnam War, the sexual revolution and disruption of the family life, etc. He’s not alone, of course, in his opinion that a large number of converging factors have contributed to the current disruption and destruction of the faith we see today.

“Everything that we see in the Church is so different from what the fullness of the truth of our holy Catholic faith is and deserves and it must be told.”

Catholics today, says Mr. Voris, are deprived of understanding of the faith; they are in the dark because the Church has “cast them aside; the Church leaders would “rather have the praise of men and not the salvation of souls.” 

“They’ve been given a tremendous responsibility…to be a priest!? And to see that these priests are doing everything but being priests!? They’re tearing the Church apart, and someone has to do something.

Amen, Mr. Voris! Amen!


  1. Thank god for men like Mr. Voris and his father! Without them, we wouldn't have the faintest clue of what the church was like prior to Vatican II- which was a completely valid council, but horribly implemented in its aftermath. God help us!

    I was lucky that the church that I walked into to first attend mass still had the look of a pre-VII Catholic Church. The visual really helped me to come into the faith, and understand that what I was experiencing (the Mass) was something far beyond what I had previously experienced in other Protestant services. However, it only says mass in the ordinary form. We still have a beautiful high alter from when the church was first built in the 1860s, so I asked our priest if it would be possible to hold the Latin Mass there. He said no, "because I don't know Latin." :( would it be that hard to make an effort to learn how to celebrate mass in the EF? At the very least, ditch the albs for chasibules, and get rid of the alter girls!

  2. Sadly, Samantha, priest are supposed to be trained in Latin...even in these post-Vatican II days! Canon Law still says that seminarians are to learn Latin. Obviously, many seminaries are neglecting to teach Latin!

  3. It is a crying shame, Jay. Also, I've noticed that in a lot of the parishes that I've visited, the alter girls now outweigh the alter boys in number. Since the position of alter server was originally intended to act as an apprentice position towards learning to become a priest, by allowing girls to serve, are we in fact driving away boys with a potential priestly vocation? I know that girls want to have an active part in church life, but in my opinion, being an alter server should not be it. Maybe there is a way of creating a ministry for girls that they can participate in outside of serving at mass?

  4. The Holy Catholic Church is not the Church that I grew up in ...but I thought with the changes of Vatican II ...the fresh air was to be let in and a new springtime was now upon us and to be embraced ....I was caught up in the new changes and the new mass, never gave it a second thought ! The Church said it and I wnet along with it for most of my life ...UNTIL 2010 when I "stumbled " across the Traditional Latin Mass ...then my life changed . Michael Voris and his dad and the interview was AMAZING and such a blessing to my soul . I agree with everything his dad said...he hit the nail on the head.
    Yes something has to be done ...we need to Pray and Fast for Holy Mother Church.
    Pray the Holy Rosary everyday and ask the Blessed Virgin . Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary ..beg her powerful intercession.
    Pray to holy St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church ...beg his intercession also ...
    Something has to be done and it starts with each one of us ...
    The Modern watered down Church of Nice has nothing to offer me ...I cannot even attend a novus ordo mass ...
    I long for THE MASS....the TLM where heaven and earth meet.
    May it be restored in HER FULLNESS!!!!
    To God be the Glory!

  5. Well said, Jeanne! Also, can you both (meaning you can Jay) do me a favor and pray for me? I have had some very disturbing nightmares plaguing my sleep lately, and I could really use the prayers. Thanks.

  6. Jeanne - tell it!

    Samantha - yes, altar girls are a problem, IMHO. I know a few priests who have made the transition to boys only; sometimes at a great price, but other times they did it gradually and no one complained too much. It seems a no brainer that having altar boys is meant to help with vocations!

    Also, my prayers are with you!

  7. Thanks Jay. These nightmares have been slowly getting worse and more frequent, so the prayers are greatly appreciated.

  8. Do you have holy water on hand? I sprinkle holy water around my bed every night, and I suggest you do the same! Also, ask your guardian angel specifically to watch over you and chase the bad-dream-demons away.

  9. Yes, I have holy water. A friend of mine also recommended that I sleep with my rosary under my pillow. Have you ever heard of that?

  10. I will pray for your also Samantha ...
    Yes the power of Holy Water ...I sign myself with Holy Water each and every day. It is a must now !
    But I am going to sprinkle it around my bed ...never thought about that one Dr. Jay!
    I heard a wonderful sermon from Audio Sancto, a traditional priest who talked about the power of Holy Water and Sacramentals!

  11. The interview was BRILLIANT! I'm so glad I was able to hear the account of someone who lived before the Council. Even he sees there's something dreadfully wrong! Even I can see it and I wasn't even born then! I'm young. I'm one of those who want MY IDENTITY back! I and so many other young people like me are taking our identity back! I see all the glory then and I keep asking 'what happened'? What is our Catholic identity? Tradition is Catholic identity. Period. If you hate that, then you must be leaning towards the protestantization of the Church.

    What brilliant men! I hope to meet them one day.

    Altar girls are ridiculous, as are women extraordinary ministers. We do NOT need to give women or any lay people for that matter the role of the Alter Christus, the Priest. I have tremendous respect for all Priests and wouldn't dare even try to do anything they do much less serve, when I can't even be a Priest! So why let girls serve then? This isn't rocket science, people...

    God bless!


  12. BTW, Happy Feast of the great Pope St. Pius X, whose Feast is today! Happy Feast to you all! God bless!


  13. Samantha - ha! I used to sleep with my rosary in my hand! I don't any more, for a couple of reasons (nothing to do with the faith). Sure can't hurt to have a rosary under one's pillow! I have icons on the walls around my bed, too. These sacramentals help to remind us of our faith, to keep our faith and trust in God ever present in our minds.If keeping a rosary under your pillow helps you to remember that God and His Mother and all the angels and saints are there to help you, then go for it!

  14. Dear Samantha,

    Get yourself some *Lourdes* Holy Water.

    It really does work miracles, dear.

    My wife and I have firsthand experience. :)


  15. OK, I took my Holy Water one step further . . . I put it in a spray bottle and use it liberally with a 'take that' attitude (in a humble sort of way) on those days when I'm just being bothered! Think of all those hundreds of holy droplets that are released in two squirts - always in the sign of the Cross, of course.

    I really enjoyed listening to Mike's dad speak. He is a treasure, for sure, with so much insight. He is not taking his Faith for granted!

  16. HSE - what a great idea! Sort of like a fine-tuned aspergillum!

    CK - where does one procure Lourdes holy water...without going to Lourdes I mean! I have holy water from a priest who uses the "old form" of the blessing of water and salt. It might not be Lourdes holy water, but it seems more potent than the holy water that results from the use of the "Book of Good Wishes" with prayers said in the vernacular!

    Hannah - thanks for mentioning Pope Pius X!


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