Tuesday, August 20, 2013

But Would They Let Them Sing at Mass?

The story of this trio singing "Pie Jesu" on American's Got Talent has been floating around, and it can't help but give us a bit of a lift. Besides, I'm just finding myself unable to pick a topic on which to write today. So...

Imagine having these young men sing a little sacred polyphony at Mass in your parish!

Here's the whole performance:


  1. Thanks for the well-needed lift!

  2. I've been watching these guys since it has been on youtube! I just LOVE THEM! They need to go to every single parish and give us a taste of REAL music!

    God bless!


  3. Isn't that just stunning? Maybe someday, those in the audience and on the panel will discover that they were singing a very, very old Catholic prayer and in Latin. Maybe some of them did know, hopefully. Wow.

  4. Absolutely wonderful!

  5. I was amazed when someone from another blog /email sent this to me...I was in tears .
    I am sure they (the judges) did not even know what the were singing ..the words are so beautiful.
    Three young men from different backrounds come to together and sing Pie Jesu....to God be the Glory!
    See miracles do happen...the look on the judges faces was priceless and the audience went crazy...thanks be to God!


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