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Vortex: Don't Remain Silent!

Michael Voris is reading my mind again. The June 21 Vortex is another “must see”.

Here’s the video; the script is below, with my own comments interspersed in italics.

Here’s the script (my emphases, and my comments in bracketed italics):

Catholics are supposed to have BIG MOUTHS. Saints and Popes have said so.
Here’s a POPE:

And since, in order that the deceits of the enemy may be avoided, it is necessary first of all that they be laid bare; since much is to be gained by denouncing these fallacies for the sake of the unwary, even though We prefer not to name these iniquities "as becometh saints," yet for the welfare of souls We cannot remain altogether silent.

That was Pope Leo XIII.

Here’s a Saint:

I've had enough of exhortations to be silent! Cry out with a hundred thousand tongues. I see that the world is rotten because of silence

Saint Catherine of Siena, for the more curious among you.

[I have seen that quote attributed to St. Catherine of Siena a number of times, but have been unable to track down the exact place where she said it. Nevertheless, it’s a great exhortation! Probably the main reason I started this blog was because, as I told an adviser, “there are some things that need to be said”.]

Silence in the face of evil, sin, immorality never serves the good and only cowards or those who care about their own interests ever counsel silence.

Now there are many in the Church these days who prefer to remain silent. They call it prudence… but it isn’t prudence at all.

[Some people have tried to tell me this. It's amazing how many people want to tell you NOT to write something! Some people have suggested that it’s better just to say the “nice” things and pray for a conversion of heart of those who abuse the liturgy, etc. But, really, the Church does call for us to speak up when things are really going rotten.]

Prudence is doing what is appropriate to the situation: the proper response according to the circumstances. So for example, if a house is burning down, the proper response is to yell your head off and shout for someone to call the fire department and pull all the fire alarms and make a ton of noise.

Well, my fellow Catholics, the house IS burning down – the house of the Church. Gigantic flames are leaping out of every window; people are dying in the flames; the smoke of Satan which Pope Paul VI highlighted decades ago is choking and blinding huge numbers.

The fire is so huge and engulfing that the air around the world has now become poisoned as well. Everywhere modern man has immersed himself in the vomit of his own sin because so many in the Church – leaders especially – have given in to the spirit of the age.

[To wit: little preaching against contraception for 40 years. No preaching against homosexual “marriage” for fear of political and even legal repercussions. Heck, there’s little preaching of anything of substance! Even in RCIA there’s a fear of mentioning the unmentionable, for fear that the catechumens will back out! Instead, the new people are told how inclusive the Church is.]

The Church Militant requires constant, never-ending vigilance – a constant and steady drum beat of war being pounded out. We are at war. Too many fail to see this. They don’t want war… as if they could escape it.

[Ah yes. And how many say, “What’s the big deal?” or “Live and let live.” Or “This isn’t Rome, you know.” Or “Sometimes there are more important things than being ‘right’.”]

St. Paul himself said near the end of his life, “I have fought the good fight.”

When leaders in the Church laid down their weapons in the wake of the Second Vatican Council, and began cavorting with the world in a vain and naïve hope that the world could be cajoled into accepting the cross, it was then that the identity of the Church became obscured.

[More and more this seems so very true to me. And the reason for the “cavorting with the world” was because certain forces within the Church wanted that to happen. They wanted a Protestantization of the Church because they were Modernistis, and the Modernist mentality permeates the Protestant denominations.]
The Church Militant was exchanged for the Church of Nice because the crowd that is afraid to fight – or refuses to acknowledge the Divinely revealed truths of not just the possibility of Hell, but its reality – did not want to sully their hands in the blood and mud of combat.

[Or…because they got what they wanted… or are well on their way to getting it. There are plenty of people – laity and clergy alike – who are quite happy with the movement of the Church toward a phenomenalistic and personalist approach to theology and the liturgy.]

The giants of the Church, Her greatest earthly commanders, were abandoned; and in their place, wimps took over – cowards and shrinking violets – terrified to confront anything…except, of course, Orthodoxy.

When it comes to Orthodoxy – faithful Catholics who love the truth of the Church and defend the Magisterium with everything they’ve got – suddenly the weak crowd springs to life to beat them down. Priests who offer reverence to God in the Masses they say from the depths of piety; faithful who cling to the heart of Our Blessed Lord and preach His truths in the face of sneering and detraction; against these, the wimps suddenly discover a robustness of personality and vigor that would make the gods of Olympus quake.

[Ain’t that the truth! I experienced this first hand in the Diocese of Baker last year as we watched helplessly as the Apostolic Administrator closed one avenue after another for us to have at least a monthly EF Mass in Bend, Oregon! Always there was the excuse, “I have to move Fr. TLM to the farthest corner of the diocese…there’s just nothing else I can do. So sorry…” Yeah…right.]

But they run like scared school children from rebellious priests and defiant religious. They bow down before the rapidly aging woman who is the real power behind the Catholic education office or the chancery department of this or that.

[Most priests hate to mess with the power structure of a parish, and they are probably wise to size things up for a while before making changes. But the changes in personnel never seem to come…unless it’s getting rid of the “divisive” ones (like me), who agitate for greater orthodoxy. The status quo is kept because of the fear that the money will walk away.]

Mortal sins are treated as jokes and those who point them out as judgmental and divisive.

Popes and saints say something FAR different from many who exercise various levels of authority in the Church these days. The Church of go-along, get-along is quickly MOVING along… into oblivion. Hundreds and hundreds of parishes have closed; hundreds more have had to merge.

Homosexual mafias among the clergy and religious are routinely ignored or given a wink and a nod. Heterodox instructors in schools, colleges, and seminaries are given a pass except for the most outrageous of expressions and even then, not much happens at all. And in the face of all this, the saints and popes from heaven itself call us to NOT be silent, but to open our mouths and stand up and say “The emperor has no clothes! Your house is on fire! People are dying due to your lack of action and plunging into Hell!”

Do leaders think that somehow they will escape judgment for this current state of affairs? Have they deluded themselves with all their own happy talk and Church chit-chat? The truth must be said and it must be said clearly.

[I think it shows that that truly do not believe in Hell!]

Pope Gregory the Great famously said, "If people are scandalized at the truth, it is better to allow the birth of scandal, than to abandon the truth.”

[If only…IF ONLY…we had more priests and bishops who would apply this adage.]

So who are you gonna listen to: the wimps, or the popes and saints?

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  1. "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do (and say) nothing." The silence of the clergy on important issues for the past 40 years and the evil that has resulted is clearly proof of the accuracy of that statement


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