Friday, June 1, 2012

Plummeting Down the Slope

I think we can pretty much dismiss the idea that we’ll be seeing any logical thinking from the culture of death crowd any time soon. They’re way past that now. Instead, they just deny the truth, justify any kind of death by twisted reasoning, and put it all into law.

I mean, really, what possible justification – of the reasonable, logical variety – can there be for sex-selective abortion? What goes through the minds of legislators who are willing to say, “We need to preserve the right of parents to choose the sex of their child, even if it means killing the children who are the wrong gender”? And our illustrious Senate has just voted to allow such a thing! And they say the Republicans are waging a "war against women"!

We shouldn’t be surprised, really. Just look at the illogical set of laws that exist around the killing of unborn children. For one thing, of course, abortion is legal and rampant (not “safe and rare”, as its proponents say they would like). It is therefore legal to kill an unborn child. But wait…if a pregnant woman is murdered and her unborn baby also dies, there’s a double murder. Wikipedia’s entry on the subject says,

The Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004 (Public Law 108-212) is a United States law which recognizes a "child in utero" as a legal victim, if he or she is injured or killed during the commission of any of over 60 listed federal crimes of violence. The law defines "child in utero" as "a member of the species Homo sapiens, at any stage of development, who is carried in the womb”.

So…it sounds like the unborn baby is a “person” at any stage of development for the purposes of this law, but the same unborn baby is not a person if the mother decides that she would like to kill the child.

Evil honoring evil?
And then there’s partial birth abortion. Heck, Obama just awarded a Presidential Medal of Freedom to pro-abortion Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, who is still defending his ruling against a ban on partial birth abortion! What kind of sickness is that? As my friend Doc says, it’s “evil giving evil an award”. Anyway, the point is, partial birth abortion has been committed by many an abortionist without any legal repercussions, but should a woman decide to kill her newborn baby (essentially the same thing), she can go to prison. Of course I’m not suggesting infanticide is justifiable under any circumstances; I’m just saying that there is no logic, no consistency, in the laws or the thinking behind them.

So, we’re left with the fact that it’s okay to kill some unborn babies, but not others. How do we know when it’s okay and when it’s not? Largely, that depends on whether the baby is “wanted” and whether someone is making money by doing it. The issue of being “wanted” begs the question, “Wanted by whom?” Even if the mother says she does not “want” her baby, others often do: the baby’s father, the baby’s grandparents, and even unrelated strangers who would love to adopt the child.

Besides the abortion issue, there are other issues that show that the culture of death practically has a stranglehold on society. The whole militant homosexual agenda is a prime example, and it fits into the whole culture of death scheme quite nicely: kill babies; reduce marriage to sex-with-whomever-you-please-and without babies; and make it illegal for people to think logically (i.e., institute “hate-speech” laws).

To wit: in every state where homosexual “marriage” has been put to a vote, it has been defeated. So people do know it’s wrong, in their hearts. But despite this, the Obama administration continues to do its part to push the “gay” agenda; there’s Obama’s decision that DOMA will not be upheld, and there’s the constant pressure to legalize homosexual “marriage” and force even the Catholic Church to perform such ceremonies.

The homosexual “marriage” issue leads to other problems. These people want to have babies. Hello? It ain’t happenin’…not by the normal means, anyway. So there’s the push for in vitro fertilization and sperm donors. Those are morally reprehensible in their own right, but consider this recent news item about a couple who was “shocked after baby is born a different race” (emphases in original):

Plenty of couples who can't conceive naturally seek the help of IVF in order to fulfill their dreams of having children, but one gay couple in London had anything but a smooth experience after a huge mix-up at the largest sperm bank in Britain.
They purposely went back to the same facility when they were ready for their second child, because they wanted to use the same sperm donor they had used with their first baby so their kids would be biological siblings. However, they were ultimately given sperm from the wrong donor, which resulted in their second child being born a different race from the rest of the family. And perhaps the worst part of this story is that they didn't realize the mistake until after the baby was born.

Too bad they didn’t know before hand, isn’t it? They could have “terminated” that “pregnancy” and saved themselves the anguish of having a child who didn’t “match” them. And of course there are those ethicists who think that “after birth abortion” is a fine choice, too. Your newborn is the wrong race? The wrong gender? The wrong…anything? Well, we can’t allow couples to go through that kind of trauma; let’s just kill the baby and start over.

When we try to play God, we mess up, because…well…we aren’t God.

The article notes that:

While I'm sure they love their new baby very much, they still have to feel like they were cheated out of the child they'd dreamed of…

Wow. “The child they’d dreamed of”… Well, plenty of parents end up being disappointed in how their kids turn out – but they’re usually talking about the actions and behaviors their children engage in. You know, the kid isn’t doing well in school, has behavioral problems, chooses the wrong religion or political party… We usually end up criticizing the parents for not accepting their children as individuals in their own right.

But…what if the children of this “couple” turn out to be “straight” instead of “gay”. OMG! Will they cease to be the “children they’ve dreamed of”? Maybe by then we’ll have laws enforcing the brain-washing of the children of practicing homosexuals to be practicing homosexuals themselves.

After all, we’re seeing movements to forbid even homeschooling families to teach that homosexual behavior is sinful; we’re seeing more and more restrictions on any public statement of a belief that homosexual behavior is wrong; and we’re seeing the inculcation of the militant homosexual agenda in public schools under the guise of “anti-bullying” campaigns…you know, like that tolerant and peaceful anti-bullying champion Dan Savage, who bullies the Christian kids in his audience.

It’s all so twisted and sick, I’m feeling nauseous. 


  1. This culture is doomed. I was reading Fr. Gordon McRae earlier today, and he said the same thing. We're doomed. We don't know right from wrong anymore. We can't even recognize right. All we recognize is what we want and what gives us pleasure and dang it, we want it and want it now, to hell with the consequences. Thus, gay marriage, abortion on demand, epidemic obesity, bastard children, fornication, name it.

    Lord, have mercy on us.

  2. Considering that there have been a number of cases now where couples sue doctors for the 'wrongful birth' of a baby that they didn't want, it's only going to get a whole lot worse.

    We don't know right from wrong anymore. We can't even recognize right.

    Tatumblogo you are spot on. It's remarkable how you get derided for pointing out the logical consequences of these actions. When you draw attention to the connections, you're being mean and heartless, because that's hurting someone's feelings.

    Oh for goodness' sake. Stop talking about what's good for the child and ACT for the good of the child for once.


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