Tuesday, June 12, 2012

RCTV Becomes ChurchMilitant.TV

RealCatholicTV is moving forward! 

As Michael Voris says in this episode of the Vortex, "new studio, new name, new website". 

The new name?

Here's the Vortex, with the script (most of it) below:

Now, you might remember that last week we ALSO mentioned that we had other news to share with you besides just the new building. Well, here it is: we are going to be going by a new name and gradually rolling out our new website as well.

So there it is – the hat trick: new studios, new name, new website. Our new name is
going to be in accord with and following the recent comments by the Holy Father about the identity of Catholicism being the Church Militant. We are happy, proud, and excited to announce the new name will be ChurchMilitant.tv.

In this current climate in which the Church finds herself – and we’re NOT talking about the HHS mandate from Obama and his political thugs…that will pass soon enough – but rather, the environment that exists both outside and inside some quarters within the Church.

There’s an environment, an odor, of indifference and lukewarmness that is snuffing out the light of faith in so many Catholics. They have succumbed to the cultural religious malaise that sucks the life out of their souls.

Allow us to quote from the Holy Father from two weeks ago:

“Today the word ecclesia militans [Church Militant] is somewhat out of fashion, but in reality we can understand ever better that it is true, that it bears truth in itself … Saint Augustine said that the whole of history is a struggle between two loves: love of oneself to contempt of God; love of God to contempt of self, in martyrdom. We are in this struggle …”

It is the sacred duty of all baptized Catholics to know the faith – because you cannot love what you do not know – and then both knowing and loving the faith, engage in the battle – and it is a battle, spiritual combat, immortal warfare.

This understanding, this self-consciousness, has all but evaporated – much to the detriment of the faith. When an army – and my fellow brothers and sisters in the faith, we are an army as Pope Leo XIII states clear as a bell when he says Catholics “are born
for combat” – when an army loses its fighting spirit, when it takes its eye off the objective, it will lose the war.

Right now, there is no one who can honestly say – speaking temporally and looking at the state of the world – that the Church is winning the spiritual war. This isn’t a sad depressing spin on current affairs; it’s a call to arms, for Catholics to wake up and fight – fight for the true, the good and the beautiful.

We here at ChurchMilitant-dot-TV intend for this studio to be just that: a bastion, a fort on the battlefield from which great volleys are hurled against the ancient enemy. This is why we have our work under the protection of Our Blessed Mother and St. Michael.

We are going to be spending some time the rest of this week exploring the beautiful theology and piety and devotion behind the term “The Church Militant”. It’s a phrase with a deep rich history in the Church that is more than just some kind of slogan. It serves as a kind of summary in a phrase of what the Church on earth is all about. This is why Pope Benedict is promoting its resurgence and we here are happy to comply. So stay tuned all this week.

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  1. I love the new name! And thank you for sharing the script! While we're in California for the summer we don't have high speed internet, and we have a data limit so I can't watch videos, and I feel like I'm missing out on so much!

    At home we watch nearly every day and have a premium membership... and I'm missing watching this summer!

  2. Waiting for Ed Peters or the USCCB to claim that "Church Militant" is, like "Catholic," a trademarked word that can only be used by bishops and their representatives.


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