Thursday, March 22, 2012

Prayer to St. Joseph for a Priest

Fr. Z posted this prayer the other day, and asked that it be prayed for him now and then, or for another priest…any priest!

May I suggest that, here in the Diocese of Baker, we pray it in particular for our Bishop-Elect Fr. Liam Cary?


Saint Joseph,
I present to you this day
Father N., priest of Jesus Christ,
and beg you to be to him
advocate and defender,
counselor and friend.
Open your heart to him
as you opened your home to the Virgin Mother
in her hour of need.
Protect his holy priesthood
as you protected the life of the Infant Christ
threatened by cruel Herod.
In darkness bring him light;
in weakness, strength,
and in fear the peace that passes understanding.
For the sake of the tender love that bound you
to the Virgin Mary and the Infant Christ,
be for him, Saint Joseph, a constant intercessor
and a shield against every danger of body, mind, and soul
so that, in spite of his weaknesses and sins,
his priesthood may bring glory to Christ
and serve to increase the beauty of holiness
in his bride the Church.


  1. He will need prayers if he is to do his job effectively. The liberal cabal (Priests and Laity) in this Diocese have had their way for years. They subversively and openly abhor and attack Orthodoxy. To have any long term positive effect as a Good Shepard the new Bishop must engage in a rather widespread housecleaning. Been there...done that, and I don't envy him--but I certainly do pray for him

  2. We were so blessed to have Fr. Liam at Sacred Heart in Medford. What an amazing theologian! He will return the sacredness and reverence to the liturgy and will instill in his flock a spiritualness they have lost. The Diocese of Baker is lucky to have him!


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