Saturday, March 3, 2012

More on That Lesbian Communion Thing

A few more thoughts on that Lesbian communion thing:

Given the initial information available through the media, it appeared that Fr. Marcel Guarnizo was perhaps a little rash in denying Holy Communion to Barbara Johnson at her mother's funeral Mass. However, subsequent information has emerged which would vindicate the priest and suggest an ulterior motive of the self-identified lesbian woman.

How do we know the truth of the matter? I don’t know, but I have the following thoughts.

Just as the priest was judged to be premature, insensitive, and rash in denying Barbara Johnson Holy Communion in the way she described, perhaps we may also now suggest that the Archdiocese was premature, insensitive (to the priest), and rash in offering Ms. Johnson a groveling apology that perpetuates the myths that: a) there is nothing really wrong with homosexuality; b) everyone is entitled to receive Holy Communion; and c) all the rules are suspended in the context of a funeral Mass, because there might be non-Catholics there and we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

If the subsequent reports of what really happened are true, perhaps the Archdiocese should send Fr. Guarnizo a letter of apology.

In summary, here’s what I think...for what it's worth:

1. The woman in question should have known that she should not present herself for Holy Communion.

2.  The fact that she felt entitled to receive Holy Communion reflects poor catechesis, and I think the bishops should take the heat for this.

3.  The homosexual agenda has so permeated society – and the Church – that many priests and bishops bend over backwards to accommodate it and to avoid any political incorrectness when it comes to pointing out the grave sin and immorality of the homosexual lifestyle.

4. Time after time we see orthodox priests who are willing to defend the faith castigated and condemned by the very Church that they are protecting. And time after time, we see priests who are not faithful to the Church given a pass and allowed to continue in their practices that undermine Church teaching. Something is wrong with this picture.

Bottom line: the Church – meaning especially the bishops, but also the priests – needs to take a firm stand – publicly and assertively about homosexuality and stop giving in to the homosexual agenda.  Homosexual behavior is sinful, and harmful to the individual and to society. Just say it!

When our shepherds start to really make this clear, then we will see some real persecution. That is unfortunate, but I believe it is true.

Let us pray that God strengthen our bishops both to defend the truth and to withstand the persecution that follows.

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  1. One more time, the good priest takes the fall, and the sodomite gets the flashes. And she is adamant that the priest be removed. Msr. Wuerl is afraid of the media, in detriment of the doctrine. But he will have to answer some day for the scandal.


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