Monday, December 5, 2011

Update on Fr. Francis in Bend, OR

The situation involving the dismissal of Fr. Francis Ekwugha in Bend has taken a turn that is hopefully in the right direction. A message from Bishop Skylstad indicates the following:
…[R]especting Father Francis Ekwugha’s desire for an extension of his decision to respond to me, a right he has in Canon Law, I will grant him that extension. I am sorry for the confusion in this matter but I need to address it in a manner that is pastoral, charitable and Canonically correct.
I’m a little lost as to what this actually means, but I have my speculations. Suffice to say that it appears that the Apostolic Administrator has perhaps received some good advice concerning the rights of a priest to due process under Canon Law. This is a good thing. The Church has rules and regs! There’s a reason for that!
There is still a pressing need for letters to the Apostolic Nuncio. It has been almost 11 months since Bishop Vasa was transferred and the current Administrator was appointed. A number of questionable actions have been taken; I’ve alluded to some of them on this blog, but I am not able to go into a great deal of detail. Anyone who has questions is welcome to email me at, and I will respond as seems appropriate to the question.
The point is, we really need a bishop – but not just any bishop. We need a bishop who is passionately faithful to the teachings of the Church, who has the fortitude to stand up to dissenters, who will exemplify a holy life, and who will be a compassionate shepherd to the people as well as a caring father to his priests.

Please pray for this intention. Go here for a prayer for the election of a bishop, in both English and Latin.
In addition, please send a letter! Now! Today!
Your letter need only ask for a holy bishop. It need not mention Fr. Francis Ekwugha, Diocesan finances, or any other issue, but of course you can mention any concerns you may have. The bottom line is, we need a shepherd who will look after our spiritual good.
Below is an example of a letter that could be sent to the Apostolic. Adapt it as you wish.

December XX, 2011

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano
Apostolic Nuncio to the United States
3339 Massachusetts Ave., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20008-3687

Your Excellency:

My name is _____, and I'm a parishioner of _______ Parish in _______, Oregon.
The Diocese of Baker, Oregon, has been under the direction of Apostolic Administrator Bishop William S. Skylstad since the transfer of our Bishop Robert F. Vasa last January (almost 11 months). Some actions taken by Bishop Skylstad have resulted in turmoil and confusion in our Diocese. We very much need a new bishop who will look after our spiritual good.
We implore Your Excellency and His Holiness, Pope Benedict, to send us a bishop who will support the true teaching and practice of the Catholic Church, who will exemplify a holy life, and who will be a compassionate shepherd to the people as well as a caring father to his priests.

This is a pressing need, and I hope it can be met without any unnecessary further delay.

Thank you, and may God bless you,


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