Friday, December 30, 2011

If I Say So Myself, Happy Birthday To Me!

December 31: It's My Birthday!

Yeah, I'm gettin' old.

My birthday comes on the last day
Of the year, but it’s really okay.
This year I just wish
That we’d get a new bish.
Please God! No further delay!

This is the collect from the votive Mass for the election of a bishop.
May we have a holy shepherd in the Diocese of Baker soon.

Deus, qui pastor aeternus,
gregem tuum assidua custodia gubernas,
eum immensa tua pietate

concedas Ecclesiae (Bakeriensis) pastorem,
qui tibi sanctitate placeat,
et vigili nobis sollicitudine prosit.
Per Dominum...

Lord God, you are our eternal shepherd and guide.
In your mercy

grant the Church (of Baker)
a shepherd who will walk in your ways
and whose watchful care

will bring us your blessing.
We ask this through Our Lord…


  1. A very happy birthday and a blessed year.

  2. December 31: It's My Birthday!

    No it's not! It's MY birthday. Thirteen minutes to midnight to be exact...

    Happy Birthday, anyway ;-)

    I've been reading many of your articles the past week or so and have enjoyed them immensely.


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