Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I've Never Seen a Purple Cow...or Bishop

Today, I subject you to my witty, humorous "poetry" .   Without apology.   :-)

We haven’t got a bishop now;
How long before we’ll see one?
Well, I can tell you anyhow,
We hope that soon there’ll be one.

I always thought a bishop would
Adhere to Church law fully.
But now I know a bishop could
Be just a mean ol’ bully.

Ours doesn’t seem to follow rules
Or do what Canon Law says.
He seems to think that we’re all fools
Who can’t see his faux pas-es.

He persecutes the priests who care
And tells us they’re “divisive”.
He acts in many ways unfair.
His comments are derisive.

His tongue has got a silver hue;
He’s selling us the “soft soap”.
Unless Rome quickly gets a clue,
The faithful will have lost hope.

We haven’t got a bishop yet;
We don’t know when we’ll see one.
But when we do, we hope we get
A man who’ll truly be one.

Pray for the appointment of a new bishop!

Parting thought:

We’re gonna get a bishop soon,
If only Rome gets hopping.
But if he has a red balloon,
We’ll still need to go shopping.


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