Monday, July 30, 2012

Romanian Martyrs in the 20th Century: Vortex

Today, the Vortex episode focuses our attention on Romanian martyrs of the 20th century – especially clergy and religious who were tortured and killed by the Communist regime in that country. Michael Voris relates that

Prior to 22 years ago…the Catholic faith was officially banned in Romania. The suffering that the Church went through here, deep behind the Iron Curtain has never really been told to a great extent for various reasons. It has never really made it into the bloodstream of the western mainstream media, most likely because the western mainstream media never really likes to report on or really even admit the horrors – and they ARE horrors – of the Communist regimes.

The physical brutality that so many priests and bishops and nuns and seminarians went through here at the hands of their Communist overlords is almost indescribable, but we shall attempt to bring it to life for you.

Voris also points out that these are recent events, within the memories of many people still living today:

We aren’t talking about ancient history or what the emperors of Rome did to the first century Catholics. We’re talking about contemporary events, in living
memory. Think of it like this: when Americans laugh about disco in the 70’s or the economic prosperity of the 80’s, this is what was happening at the same time on the other side of the globe. [And the video describes what “this” is.]

It’s well worth your time to watch the full 8 minutes.

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