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Randy Engel, Fr. Despard, et al: Exposing the Homosexualist Agenda in the Church

Randy Engel
Randy Engel has done extensive research into the homosexualist agenda in the Church, which she catalogued in her 5-volume tome Rite of Sodomy. I have not read those volumes, but I have a feeling she recaps some of the important points in a recent “Open Letter to Pope Francis” which was published recently at RenewAmerica. In that letter, she outlines the myriad problems with the homosexualist agenda, and suggests the establishment of a a “Papal Commission of Inquiry into Homosexuality, Pederasty and La Lobby Gay in the Catholic Church”. You can read the whole letter here

[Randy Engel was also interviewed by Christine Niles on her Forward Boldly program earlier this year; you can listen to that interview here.]
Ms. Engel’s letter was published before the recent suspension of Fr. Matthew Despard which I noted here; Fr. Despard had the courage to make public his own experience with the “gay mafia” in Scotland in a book entitled Priesthood in Crisis, and he is paying a price for doing so. There are many who don’t believe what he says, and many who do; all I know is that, given what other reporters and researchers have found over the last few decades, it is difficult to justify a blatant dismissal of Fr. Despard’s claims.

Earlier this year, it was said that the Pope would appoint no new bishops in Scotland until a thorough investigation was made into the issue of homosexual behavior in the clergy, following Cardinal Keith O’Brien’s admission of his guilt concerning sexual abuse of seminarians. I don’t know whether such an investigation has taken place, but I’m sorry to say I have my doubts. And if the “gay lobby” in Rome is as powerful as we have been led to believe, how successful could such an investigation be? Is Cardinal O’Brien simply to serve as a scapegoat who will allow other guilty members of the clergy to stay “under the radar”?

At any rate, I hope Fr. Despard’s case can continue to sound the alarm, and provoke a real investigation into this problem.

Randy Engel’s letter – which is a long one – provides a broad-ranging view of the issues surrounding homosexual behavior in the Church, and the implications thereof; here are her subheadings:

Cardinal O'Brien
The Language of Gayspeak

“Homophobia” as Ideology

Homosexuality, Pederasty and Criminality

Homosexuality and Pederasty –  An Ancient and Universal Connection

Why the Etiological and Behavioral Differences Between Pederasty and Pedophilia Matter

Pederasts – A Different and More Dangerous Breed of Sexual Offender

The Post-Conciliar Church’s Dalliance With the Homosexual Collective          

The Plague of “Gay Parishes” and “Gay Ministries”

Organized Crime and the Homosexual Collective        

Homosexuality and the Drug Connection

Homosexuality and Male Prostitution

Homosexuality and Domestic Violence, In-house Murder, and Homicide

Suicide, Self-inflicted Violence, and Blackmail

Blasphemy and Sacrilege

A Papal Commission of Inquiry into Homosexuality and Pederasty in the Catholic Church

Benefits to be Accrued by the Catholic Laity From the Establishment of  
Such a Commission

Benefits to the Diocesan Priesthood and Religious Orders

In particular, Ms. Engel’s statements concerning “The Post-Conciliar Church’s Dalliance with the Homosexual Collective” are of interest in the context of Fr. Despard’s accusations. Ms. Engel writes 9my emphases throughout):

            Throughout her 2000 year history, Holy Mother Church has always viewed widespread sodomy in its clerical ranks and hierarchy as a clear and present danger to the Faith and the flock. Unfortunately, the post-Conciliar Church no longer upholds or teaches and preaches this Truth.     

Persona Humana - Declaration on Certain Questions Concerning Sexual Ethics issued by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) on December 29, 1975, under the reign of Paul VI, himself a casualty of the unnatural vice and a major player in the paradigm shift in the Church in favor of homosexuality, gave the Homosexual Collective its first major victory in the post-Conciliar Church.  By making a fictitious comparison between “transitory or at least not incurable homosexual tendencies” and homosexuality resulting from “some kind innate instinct or a pathological constitution judged to incurable,” Vatican authorities gave credence to the well-known agitprop slogan, “homosexuals are born that way.”

… The truth is that there is no such creature as a “homosexual person.” God did not create “homosexual persons,” any more than He created “theft persons” or “sadomasochist persons.”

God created man in His likeness and image with a rational mind and immortal soul. He gave man an Order of Being and a free will by which man chooses to live his life according to that Order or rejects that Order and in the fashion of the Gnostic attempts to create his own reality. The post-Conciliar Church took a wrong turn in the road when it adopted the concept of the “homosexual person” and this error needs to be corrected, the sooner the better…

            The effect of all this pandering by the Church to the forces of organized perversion is that the average Catholic boy and girl, man and woman, lay or religious, has been systematically stripped of the natural and supernatural revulsion that the normal person feels when confronted with sexual perversion.

            Coupled with 12 years of pro-homosexual sex instruction in Catholic schools and CCD classes, few adult Catholics have been able to withstand the onslaught of the enemies of the Faith and purveyors of perversion.

In her section entitled “Blasphemy and Sacrilege”, Ms. Engel notes:

            Since the early 1970s, outright blasphemies against Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, including references to Jesus as an active sodomite and a lover of Lazarus, have been increasing dramatically within the Homosexual Collective.

            Similarly, sacrilege, in the form of acts of sodomy and oral opulation committed on and about the sacred altar have been recorded in a number of criminal cases involving Catholic priests and religious here in the United States.

            In late July 2010, the Italian magazine Panorama ran an undercover story on the double life of three bona fide “gay” priests, two Italians and a Frenchman. One of the priests donned a cassock to have sex (secretly filmed) with the magazine reporter’s “gay” accomplice, and later said Mass for the reporter. There was no comment from either the Italian Bishops Conference or the Vatican.

            Ask yourself Holy Father how often are these grave sins committed by homosexual priests, religious and prelates on a daily basis throughout the world. Don’t you feel any sense of outrage? Have you ever made an act of public reparation to atone for these offenses against Almighty God? If not, why not?            

            It involves no stretch of the imagination to come to the sober and bitter conclusion, that if you, as the Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church, do not take the lead in enforcing an absolute ban on candidates for religious life with homosexual and pederastic tendencies in seminaries, the priesthood and religious orders, and if you do not enforce the rule of chastity for priests, religious, and members of the hierarchy afflicted by this vice as well as philandering heterosexual priests who are also making a mockery of their vows, then the Catholic priesthood and religious life will continue to disintegrate and become dens of iniquity.

            But how can you undertake such an arduous task without first knowing all the facts concerning the extent to which the Homosexual Collective with its pederast contingent of clerics has already successfully colonized the Catholic priesthood, religious life, and hierarchy?

            It is strange that despite more than three decades of clerical sexual abuse scandals in the Church, most linked to pederasty, neither you nor any of your post-Conciliar predecessors have ever made any attempt to investigate the extent and consequences of the dual plague of homosexuality and pederasty on the Catholic diocesan priesthood and religious life, and on the life of the Catholic laity? With thousands of convicted clerical abusers, and hundreds of thousands of victims, and billions paid out in legal and reparation fees world-wide, isn’t it time that such an investigation were instituted?

In addressing the benefits that the Catholic laity might receive from the findings of a Papal Commission, Ms. Engel points out that

            … the Commission findings would provide the Catholic laity with a genuine understanding of the multitude of problems associated with the homosexualization of the diocesan priesthood, religious life, and hierarchy in the Church.    

            Such an understanding is virtually non-existent among Catholic adults today due largely to the Catholic hierarchy’s failure to provide them with honest answers as to the nature and consequences of a homosexualized clergy and hierarchy including an increase of pederastic crimes with all the disastrous physical, emotional and spiritual repercussions these crimes bring upon innocent victims and their families.

            …By its willingness to answer these hard questions based on actual case studies of clerical sex abuse, the Papal Commission could began the arduous task of helping to restore confidence in the Church, especially among those Catholics who have left the Church  in despair and disgust over clerical sex abuse crimes and their cover-up by the hierarchy and the Vatican.        

Randy Engel makes some good points, as you can see. Read the whole letter here.

And Ms. Engel is not the only one making these points. Here’s a list of books/articles that have been published over the years, each documenting the problems with active homosexuality in the clergy. It’s really quite sobering to think about.

1982: Fr. Enrique Rueda’s ground-breaking book, The Homosexual Network
2002: Michael Rose, Good-by, Good Men
2006: Randy Engel Rite of Sodomy (5 volumes)
2013: Fr. Dariusz Oko, Ph.D., With the Pope Against Homoheresy
2013: Fr. Matthew Despard, Priesthood in Crisis

Pray. Fast. Pray some more.


  1. Thank you for this post and God bless.

    May I add Stephen Brady to your linklist?
    He gave up his fight against the homosexual clergy in 2010. On his website he explains why.
    From his RCF's newsletter, AMDG (Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam) I really learnt a lot for example that the Vatican is well informed about the ongoings

  2. Regarding Randy Engel´s book, the first two volumes are online.

    And here´s an excerpt from Chapter 15
    The Special Case of Joseph Cardinal Bernardin
    BTW, NCR thinks Pope Francis breathes new life into Bernardin's contested legacy

    And this is a must-read-interview with John Vennari:
    CFN interview with Randy Engel on "homosexuality and the New World Order"

    Last but not least another outstanding article from her:
    St. Peter Damian's Book of Gomorrah - A Moral Blueprint for Our Times

  3. Randy Engel was also interviewed by Christine Niles on her Forward Boldly program earlier this year:

  4. Thanks, Terry; I inserted that info into the post.

  5. I read all the volumes of Randy Engel's book. It is horrifying. I understand why people would rather lie to themselves and pretend everything is fine because the truth of how deeply the Church has been colonized is so painful.

  6. Fr. Rueda suffered much for the Church and at the hands of the Church.


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