Friday, January 27, 2012

No Soldiers for the Army? Voris Has a Point

I can always count on Michael Voris to express my thoughts for me in a nice concise little 5 minute video!

Where's the rest of the troops?
He hits one out of the park again today, with the current Vortex episode (see below), "An Army with No Soldiers".

In fact, I was reading earlier today about Bishop Zubick who has urged the faithful to write to Obama, to Sebelius, to their senators, and to their congressmen to demand that this policy be revoked. And I thought, “But Catholics use birth control in the same proportions as the rest of American society. How many are upset about the Church being required to pay for contraception?”

Seems to me that many Catholics are probably silently (or not so silently) cheering.  Indeed, the Catholic News Agency ran a story about the favorable reaction to the ruling announced by “Catholics United” (which CNA describes as a “democratic-leaning Catholic group”). The article states:

James Salt, executive director of Catholics United, responded to the HHS ruling on Jan. 20.

“Although we recognize the authority of Catholic teaching on the issue of contraception, we also acknowledge that there is a silver lining in today’s ruling,” Salt said. “Increased access to contraceptive services will dramatically reduce the abortion rate in America. Reducing abortion should be a goal recognized by both sides of this highly polarized debate.

(Of course, that’s statement is completely wrong, but then when does reason, logic, or science supersede the rhetoric of those who wish to condone artificial contraception – and ultimately abortion when contraception fails?)

As I mentioned in my post “War Against Conscience, or War Against Truth?”, the problem with decrying the attack on religious freedom and/or conscience rights is that, well, EVERYONE has those “rights” -- whether their conscience is correctly formed or not. There is a pressing need to fight for the TRUTH, not just our right to believe a certain way. And while Catholics may be up in arms over religious liberty, they are not all on the same page when it comes to truth...especially the truth about artificial contraception.

Michael Voris hits the nail on the head in today’s Vortex, saying in part:

We now have developing before us one of the strange cases in Church history. Consider: the Obama White House has now declared that religious institutions must now begin paying for contraception in their employees health plans. What certainly seems to be a violation of religious freedom is going to wind its way through the courts it now seems…

But consider further the great irony present here. The bishops are outraged that such a matter can come to pass. Good for them. Outrage IS the correct response. But now, they appear to be rallying the Catholic troops to gather round and support the cause of defending religious freedom in the specific case on birth control.

Do you see the great irony here? For years – almost 50 years now and counting – much of Church leadership has either passively rejected Church teaching on birth control or in some cases actively worked against it.

Hats off to the Bishops for challenging Obama and … secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebellius. But after these past 50 years, they shouldn’t be surprised if they sound the trumpet blast and lead the charge, only to look over their shoulders and see no army and no soldiers running up the hill with them. The generation of bishops before them took care of that.

They may well win the legal battle that is looming, and they should. But Obama could not have struck at a weaker point in the defenses of a shrinking population of faithful Catholics.

Amen. If there was ever a clarion call to a return to strong, no-nonsense, orthodox catechesis – on any number of issues – surely this is it.

Here's the Vortex:

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