Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Lighter Side of Liturgical Abuse

Okay, so there's NOT a lighter side of liturgical abuse...not really.

Still, sometimes we must look for a little comic relief.

So let's have a little lesson in:

No, this is NOT meant to be a "how to". It's about recognizing things that are WRONG!

Now generally speaking, it would seem that all Catholics really should be able to recognize that things like this occuring at Mass are just plain wrong.

But...there's a it MUST be okay, right?
Wrong. This is called "giving scandal".

Everyone should know this is wrong. So why is it taking place at
a Religious Ed Conference? What are they teaching our children?!

Now, something like this...kinda low key... Maybe some people don't understand that it's an abuse. Seriously should know!

And everyone, including that priest, should be able to say "Something is just not right here..."

Many would look at this scene and think, "But...our parish looks like that every Sunday!"
It's still wrong. We can talk about it later if you want.

Just to prove that I really do have a sense of humor, I found this next picture hilarious. If I'd been a cradle Catholic, it probably would've been my story.

PS: if you don't know what a corporal is, you may be visiting this blog by mistake!
But you are welcome to stay and learn!

This next one is not for the squeamish! Some people think of me as the person holding the gun. But the truth is, we would probably have better luck extinguishing liturgical abuse by this method than by trying to explain why a liturgical abuse is an abuse, and why it matters.

And to those who ask me, "Do you REALLY think the Lord cares about all those silly details?"
Yes. I do. In fact, I'm sure of it.

And just so that we may end this post on a very positive note which I think combines a great sense of reverence with an irresistible "awwww" factor:


  1. Ok I just have to say it...AAAWWWWW. Little girls kneeling for first communion. 10 points on the cute scale. (The scale only goes up to ten...they buried the needle.)

  2. You may need to talk to me about it later. That does look like our parish. I love your sense of humor though!

  3. All my life ...I have been surrounded by the water down New Mass and the abuses that I gave no thought too.
    Sad to say the least .
    But today is a NEW DAY and as I have embraced the Traditional Latin Mass at St. Francis de Sales Oratory where I walk in and almost fall to my knees in profound ADORATION of my God!
    God have Mercy on us all.
    YES , I agree the good God does care and is greatly offended by all this and all these liturgical abuses.


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