Friday, November 4, 2011

Killing Us Softly with Their Words

Following the links in Stacy’s post at Accepting Abundance, I took some time to look at the “Early Options” website [oooh, I hate to even put that link here, but you might want to see for yourself].  (Please go to Stacy’s blog and read her two posts on this issue; both were picked up by LifeSiteNews, as well.)  The Early Options website is chilling. It's like a horror story that is made to look like a fairy tale, with fluffy clouds and soft lighting and blurred photo edges. The choice of words lulls the mind and the conscience to sleep, softly, like a lullaby. It is such a deception!
 What if more truthful words were used?
Let’s imagine we are in the Eternal Court Room before the Eternal Judge. The people who run the not-a-clinic at “Early Options” and only do “natural abortions” with “noninvasive” procedures have died and are standing before God.
God: So…you’ve been killing unborn babies.
Early Options: Well…not exactly. You see, we were just removing the pregnancy tissue.
God: Oh, reeeeally? And how old were the unborn babies at the time you did this?
EO: Ha ha! “Babies”?  No really, it was just the pregnancy tissue. And sometimes we did it before the pregnancy could even show on an ultrasound.
God:  Uh huh. And you removed the baby…er…”pregnancy tissue” [rolls His eyes] by using a suction method?
EO: Well, it’s really “aspiration”; there’s no electric machine suction noises to disturb anyone. It’s a natural abortion. No worries.
God: “Natural”?
EO: Yes, well, the tissue naturally comes out when it’s sucked by the…uh…aspirator. And we always used plastic instruments, not metal.  And no anesthetic, because it was so natural it didn’t even hurt the woman. There was no uterine scraping or any kind of surgery…
God: [sighs] So…no complications?
EO: Oh no! The woman was fully recovered from the procedure in just minutes! We gave all our clients juice and snacks afterwards, and then they got dressed and went on about their daily business! Just wonderful!
God: What about the baby?
EO: Oh! You mean the pregnancy tissue? Well, we always made sure to check right away to make sure the pregnancy was…uh…no longer there.  We did this by exam, ultrasound, and tissue evaluation.
God: Tissue evaluation?
EO: Yes. We evaluated the tissue that had been suck…er…aspirated into the…uh…receptacle…to make sure it…pregnancy tissue.
God: In other words, you examined the “tissue” to make sure it was a baby? Body parts and such?
EO: Well, yes…er…no! It’s not a baby! Not a baby at all! It’s just tissue. Pregnancy tissue.
God: Got it. [Eyes rolling again] You convinced the mother that her baby was nothing but “pregnancy tissue” which couldn’t even be seen on the ultrasound, and that this “natural“ abortion was nothing that need interrupt her daily life. You then sucked the baby out of the mother’s uterus into a little tube that could be easily discarded.
EO: Well, if you must put it that way…But, it was all very private and comfortable for her, and we did our best to make every woman feel good about the whole thing! And their insurance usually paid for most of it.
God: You killed unborn babies.
EO: Yeah…
Words paint a picture. The picture painted at Early Options denies the truth. It deceives and beckons women toward sin…toward murder. This kind of double speak injures all of us, because it encourages fuzzy thinking and justification of immoral actions.
Consider also US Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, who could not bring herself to say “heartbeat” when discussing a bill that would require an ultrasound for women seeking abortion.  She objected to women being allowed to listen to “uh, sounds that, uh, might discourage this needed action.” (Abortion…a “needed action”.)
As John Jalsevac comments in that article:
…the pro-abortion ideology depends almost entirely upon euphemism, obscurantism, and meaningless slogans that are carefully crafted to distract from the central question of the abortion debate: is the unborn child human? 
The linguistic wizards of the anti-life left have created a whole system of language that is designed to be at one remove from reality, to dodge and to duck around the core facts. Thus they speak about the “products of pregnancy” rather than about the “unborn child,” or “dilation and evacuation” rather than “partial-birth abortion,” or “terminate the pregnancy,” rather than “kill the unborn child,” or “evacuate the contents of the uterus,” rather than “vacuum out the dead body of the unborn child from its mother’s womb,” or the “right to choose,” rather than the “right to choose to kill your unborn child.”

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