Thursday, September 22, 2011

More bishop bumbling?

This just in on Fr. Z's blog:

"EL PASO, Texas — The Rev. Michael Rodriguez was transferred to a new parish because his stance on morality and the upcoming recall election “raised serious issues regarding whether his participation could be attributed to the Diocese of El Paso” and his parish, El Paso Catholic Bishop Armando X. Ochoa said."

Read more on Fr. Z. Not too long ago, Fr. Z had posted a video of Fr. Rodriguez as he addressed a city council meeting. In that video, at least, Fr. Rodriguez made it perfectly clear that he was not representing the bishop, and that he was not a diocesan representative per se. He stated the teaching of the Catholic Church, and he did so concisely, respectfully, and passionately. I sent him an email of support, and I also sent a letter to his diocese expressing my appreciation of his willingness to speak the truth in a secular forum.

Not coincidentally, in my mind, Fr. Rodriguez is a priest who is willing and able to celebrate Mass in the extraordinary form, if memory serves me correctly.  Yep, here it is. I watched some video clips on his parish website and saw that Fr. Rodriguez is aware of the importance of "good liturgy".

What a shame that such a priest is not getting support from his bishop. Oh, wait. It's probably a matter of "pastoral prudence".

To be fair, I'm sure Bishop Ochoa knows much more than I do about Fr. Rodriguez and his activities.  So be it. And I hope Fr. Rodriguez is obediently assuming duties at a new parish. I don't plan to picket the Diocese of El Paso, nor do a plan to circulate a petition to "Free Fr. Rodriguez".

Still, this makes me wonder. Again. Further. Why is it so wrong for a priest to speak the Truth? And why won't more bishops do the same?

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