Monday, September 19, 2011

Limerick-ian Commentary

Ode to the Struggles of Pro-Life Priests

A priest named Fr. Euteneuer
Sadly fell under Satan’s power.
Amidst all the din
He confessed his sin,
But he’s absent in this dark hour.

 Next, Fr. Corapi stands accused,
Though he says he’s being abused.
“Not guilty!” said he,
And “Unleashed!” claimed to be.
Now the faithful are left all confused.

Michael Voris, while filming in Rome,
Received some attacks from home.
They said, “Your tax status
Has gone on hiatus”,
But he’s still protecting the womb. (Okay, I know it’s not really a rhyme, but it’s the best I can do!)

His bishop first said Fr. Frank
Has too much cash in the bank.
They both went to the press,
And it’s really a mess.
I think we have Satan to thank.

To be continued...

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