Thursday, December 12, 2013

So Long, Farewell...

The time has come for me to say farewell to the world of blogging.

For me, it is time now to focus more of my time and attention on living a life of prayer and penance. That, really, is my “calling”, and I know it. There are others who are called to blogging; and I know you will all keep up with the good, orthodox, faithful Catholic bloggers out there! Be sure, also, to get your daily dose of “The Vortex”, and if you haven’t done so already, sign up for a Premium Membership to ChurchMilitant.TV, and learn more about the faith through their excellent programming.

I have been considering this change for some time now, and on a recent long drive, I listened once again to Rod Pead’s talk on the “Sword of Unity” (it is also available in the form of a written article). I’ve mentioned Mr. Pead’s work before (here and here);  Rod Pead is the editor of Christian Order magazine, and the talk was delivered at a “Faith of Our Fathers” conference almost 14 years ago. Yet, it makes every bit as much sense today as it did then. If you haven’t listened to the talk or read the article, you should.

In his presentation, Rod Pead notes that many of us know about the problems in the Church – about the crisis in every measure of Church health (vocations, Mass attendance, etc.) – but he makes us think again:

If we know this; if we are really aware of all this; why do we resist tailoring our prayer life and our thoughts and our actions accordingly? If we consider ourselves so aware and savvy about this travesty of truth and unity, then why, as the Jesuit, Father James Schall states, are Catholics so wimpy?

In another place, Pead adds:

…It is true that while at the moment we find we can't live with the bishops, we know, too, that by God's design we can't live without them, and that there is only so much we can do. But have we done even that much? Have we prayed and fasted and done penance and really begged God on our knees to convert the hearts and minds of the bishops? Have we consistently pleaded with Him to take the hirelings who will not respond to His grace to their early reward, and send us real Catholic Shepherds in their stead?

… Christ Himself told us, in the parable of the unjust judge, that we should pray continually and never be discouraged [Lk 18 1:8]. … Our Lord told the people: "will not God give redress to his elect, when they are crying out to him, day and night? Will he not be impatient with their wrongs? I tell you, he will give them redress with all speed." And then Christ immediately adds…, "But ah, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith left on earth?"

And so…are we really praying for the conversion of the hirelings or their replacement by strong, solicitous, Catholic Shepherds – as if we believe? Given Christ's promise, I can't imagine that enough of us are.

And so, because I am called more to prayer and penance than to blogging, that is what I will do…at least for the time being. God only knows what the future holds.

I have met many wonderful people through this blog – thank you for your friendship, your encouragement, and your prayers!

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  1. Thanks for all your time and effort with this blog. I have learned a lot from reading it and the commenting dialogue. I think you are making a good choice-prayer is better than blogging. Peace!

  2. God bless you Dr Jay. And thanks for the Vortex scripts.

  3. Oh no! You have been my inspiration for many of my spin off posts, plus, I believe that your blogging has done so much good. Will keep you in my prayers and keep in touch. God bless.

  4. God bless you as you take this direction change. I've valued you and your blog so much over the past few years and you'll be missed. If you ever find yourself in Chicago, or stranded at O'Hare Airport (10 minutes away from me), shoot me an email and we can have coffee and a visit! fitzelizabeth at yahoo dot com


    P.S. A blessed Christmas to you and your family.

  5. I will miss your posting, but I understand the choice you're making. May God abundantly bless you!

  6. Aww...thanks so much for all of your kind words!

  7. Arrrrrrrrrrgh! I depend on you. Really I do. On the other hand, I completely understand your decision and support you 100%.

    God bless you, Dr. Jay...

  8. What?!!! Say it ain't so!

    Thank you, Dr. Jay, for being there at the inception of my blog. And, thank you for being an ongoing inspiration, a faithful witness to the Catholic Faith inviolate.

    Please know that you will be in my prayers.

    If you're ever in the neighbourhood, Victoria on Vancouver Island, drop me an email—wendellclanton (at) hotmail (dot) com

    Ad multos annos! Ad meliora!

  9. Prayers for the next step in your life, God bless you, I'll keep in touch....

  10. Interesting and, I think, a logical choice. It would be interesting to note your progress in this path. A contemplative life is open to everyone but the degree is very individualistic. It is a worthy challenge and, frankly it may be time to pull back. I will miss your blog, however. Thanks for your efforts here. Kathy

  11. Thank you Dr. Jay! I will miss reading your posts each day... Your posts opened my eyes to the beauty of our traditional Catholic Church, and lead me to the EF of the mass. So thank you for all that you do. Also, please don't take dwn this blog. I have plenty of posts that I want to refer people to!

  12. Thanks again, to all. And yes, Samantha, the blog will remain online, in all its dubious "glory"! I hope that there are helpful posts here and there, and that they will continue to be accessed by those who want to see them!

  13. Ooohhhh noooooooooooo!!!!!!
    Say it isn't truuuuuueee!!!


  14. I am sad. You must do what you are called to do. I will keep in touch and let you know what crazy stuff I get into. Merry Christmas.


  15. I will miss my favorite blog! God bless :)


  16. Time to say Farewell: God Bless you Dr. Jay and thanks for being that bright light in each of our lives...what a gift and a blessing you have been to me personally!
    I have had to make some changes in my own life from time to time.
    I remember the day I closed down my facebook was almost like someone had pulled the rug out from underneath my feet..yikes.
    But the good God was calling me to do so....for a very special intention...the conversion of my 4 adult children back to the Holy Catholic Church!
    Their have been other things that I had to LET GO of ...hard but necessary for my spiritual growth ....yes I will miss your daily blog and post but be assured of my daily prayers for you and your family.
    I will stay in touch ....keep me and my family in prayer also...the good God will hears our prayers Dr. Jay ...HE IS FAITHFUL!

  17. I'v enjoyed being a reader here. Thanks. And also thank you for leaving this up, there are others I wish would have done the same when they moved on from bloging.

    God bless, and have a Merry Christmas.

  18. I believe more than a few Catholics who espouse Tradition are being led to (more) prayer, Dr. Boyd. :^)

    I include myself in this.

    I am so glad the Lord led me to your blog! I've enjoyed it immensely.

    God love you and I'll email you from time-to-time,
    Catechist Kev

  19. God bless you, Dr. Boyd! I think you have a great plan. Please pray for me!


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