Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Vortex: Fr. Paul Nicholson Defends Marriage

Here's MV's introduction to this Vortex:
A couple of weekends ago .. an openly homosexual philosophy professor was invited to and then suddenly uninvited from a Catholic college where he was scheduled to give a talk on same-sex so-called marriage.  
 That news opened up a debate and lots of news media insults and slams against the Church. It also inspired an invitation for the professor and priest to go on a local Detroit TV station and have it out over the issue. As you might imagine, the topic quickly advanced from the decision of the college to invite and then uninvite to a larger discussion of homosexuality and the Church’s teaching.
Here is the interview as it aired two weekends ago.
Fr. Paul Nicholson is outstanding! I like his unapologetic demeanor, and his insistence on the fact that same-sex marriage is about sex - about sodomy. The hosts of the show don't seem to get that at all. I also found it quite amusing when Fr. Nicholson called the philosophy professor on trying to "argue from exceptions". 

See Fr. Nicholson's website here and his blog is here.


  1. I watched the interview. I thought that Fr. Nicholson did a fine job. However the two morons that were conducting the interview had no clue.

  2. Bill, you are so right! I would be embarrassed to be on tape acting like those people and saying the things they said! I guess we need to pray for them, for their conversion. Fr. Paul was like an alien to them, I think; they could not understand what he was saying.


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