Friday, November 22, 2013

Vortex: Confronting "Catholics" with the Truth

I don't have the script for this Vortex yet, but it is well worth watching (have I ever found one that wasn't well worth watching!?!).  The "blurb" for this episode says, "Sometimes you DO need to smash someone over the head with the truth!"

MV describes a man who attended one of MV's recent talks. This man represents many, many of today's Catholics: he doesn't know the faith; he thinks that his opinions on moral issues are right and the position of the Church is wrong; and yet he still thinks of himself as Catholic.

The man is a casualty of the culture war and the failure of the Church's leaders to catechize effectively over the last several decades, says MV - he's one of the "walking wounded", a "refugee". And, in my experience, he really is a "typical Catholic". 

Here's the Vortex:

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