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More CCHD Scandal: Vortex

So… Ralph McCloud doles out money in the name of the CCHD - the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. McCloud is good friends with Wendy Davis, the Texas state senator who just about killed the major pro-life bill that passed in that state.  

Michael Voris asks, “So why is this significant?” And he answers that question. I think this is one where you have to either watch the whole video or read the entire script. We need to think about the big picture here – the picture that spans several decades of shady activity by the CCHD, as well as the years of friendship between two politicians who shouldn’t really have much in common.

See my recent post on the CCHD here.

The bottom line is this: the CCHD has been engaged in scandalous activity for years. They deny it every time someone broaches the subject; but as MV points out, the data is right there in their own documents and records. The ChurchMilitant.TV team has put together two special reports on this situation over the years, and both are embedded below.

The script for today’s Vortex is down below all three videos.

See the script for this Vortex below the next two videos.

Here's the script for "Pink Slip Time" Vortex:

We’d like to introduce you to a couple of “friends”. First, Wendy Davis, the Texas state senator who has become the darling of the pro-child murder crowd for her 11 hour filibuster a couple of weeks back which killed a major pro-life bill in the Texas state senate.

Thanks to Governor Rick Perry, Texas lawmakers were able to re-convene and eventually pass the law despite Davis’ political maneuverings.

The second person we’d like to introduce you to is our ‘ol buddy Ralph McCloud. Ralph
McCloud and Wendy Davis are old friends, going back years in Fort Worth Texas politics.

In fact, McCloud was the representative on the City Council for Fort Worth for District 8 and even mayor pro-tem back in 2005 as you can see here.

During a historic shift and restructuring of the council, Wendy Davis who was also a native Fort Worth politician lauded McCloud for his service to the locals – again as you can see in this picture. And it’s only fitting that she should praise him – they worked together for SIX years doing council work.

So McCloud and Davis go way back in Texas politics. And why is this significant?
Because, while Davis has been making a name for herself by touting the right of all women to butcher their children in the womb, her political buddy Ralph McCloud has been the US Catholic bishops’ point man on their anti-poverty program.

This anti-poverty program goes by the name of the CCHD, the Catholic Campaign for
Human Development, and was started largely by massively liberal Cardinal Joseph Bernardin back in the late 1960s.

It didn’t take long before many in the Church began noticing that different anti-poverty groups being awarded grant money to supposedly fight poverty, were also active in liberal and socialist political causes and supported abortion – just like McCloud’s pal
Wendy Davis does. McCloud is the guy responsible for doling out collection plate money to these groups.

When Wendy Davis ran for Texas state senate in 2008, McCloud came on board as her campaign treasurer in a role he claims was largely honorary. We’re still not quite clear on what an “honorary treasurer” does.

He is on record as saying he had no idea she was a radical pro-abortion politician – even as he was the treasurer and campaign contributions were coming in for her from Planned Parenthood and Annie’s List – another child killing political outfit.

McCloud served with Davis for six years in Fort Worth. They were politicians in the same party. He was her campaign treasurer as she ran against a pro-life incumbent and eventually defeated them.

And in all this time, in the world of politics, McCloud expects everyone to believe he had no idea that she was pro-abortion. The subject just never came up. Riiiiiight!

If he has a right to expect us to believe that, then we have a right to call that a whopper the size of Texas.

The CCHD – which pays McCloud – has been plagued for nearly two generations now by charges of deceiving Catholics in the pews by giving money to radical social groups often times trained in Saul Alinsky type methods of destabilizing the culture.

Abortion certainly destabilizes a culture, as does same-sex marriage; and as the bishops’ anti-poverty czar, McCloud has overseen the distribution of loads of dollars to groups who support these evils. No matter how much he and others at the bishops’ headquarters deny it, the CCHD did and does give your money to groups like this.

See our special report to find out extensive details if you would like – just click on the attached link. [Both special reports are embedded below.]

And every year, the staff that runs the CCHD denies it and says they’ve fixed what’s wrong, and these are nothing more than spurious charges, and we’ve heard ‘em all before, and blah blah blah.

They haven’t fixed what’s wrong, they are NOT spurious charges, and the fact that they keep getting repeated doesn’t make them untrue. In fact, it makes them more credible.

For years, some bishops and officials have been denying the charges – which have been proved time and time again by the way – despite the denials.

Press releases get generated. Liberals in and outside of the Church come scurrying and crawling out of their pits to support the CCHD and condemn faithful Catholics who are pointing out the evils.

Ralph McCloud supports politicians who are pro-abortion. He helps them get elected and officially serves on their campaigns. Why would it be so surprising then that he would direct money to groups are equally supportive of abortion?

Yet every time this comes up, the staff at the National Bishops’ headquarters acts so completely aggrieved and offended and truly stunned that such charges could be leveled.

Yet their leader helped to elect the very woman who nearly single-handedly killed the most pro-life bill to come out of a state legislature in decades. In fact, she DID kill it, the first time around. Wendy Davis made no secret of her pro-abortion politics. She openly ran on them, with the bishops’ poverty czar, Ralph McCloud cheering her on all the way and lending his support very publicly.

Why does Ralph McCloud still have a job at the bishops’ headquarters making decisions about which social justice groups get YOUR collection plate money?

This whole organization is ridiculous – not only philosophically, but theologically as
well. This isn’t charity, nor is it loving your neighbor.

The defense offered up privately by some bishops is that the CCHD is a mixed bag – it does some good, even if some of the groups it gives money to are questionable.

First of all, there are no questions. Some of the groups getting money are engaged in evil and activities that are flat-out anti-Catholic Church teaching. To hide behind the tired defense that – well, some of them do good and you gotta take the good with the bad is laughable.

That logic doesn’t apply when intrinsic evil is being supported. You may never do an evil to promote a good. Yet, here we have business as usual at the CCHD – where the leader is an active open public supporter of a notable pro-abortion politician – lent his name to her campaign – and no worries – his job is as safe as ever.

By the way – turns out that Ralph McCloud’s premiere politician Wendy Davis has become a darling of the baby-killing crowd.

A million dollars has poured into her campaign treasury from pro-aborts all over the country who see her as the new champion for ripping children to pieces in the womb – and standing right along beside her is the US Bishops’ anti-poverty man.

Maybe Wendy will take some of her new found money and give a donation to the CCHD – after all, its leader helped get her elected.

And Catholic establishment media types wonder why faithful Catholics are so upset at conditions in the Church. Really?

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