Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Website: Catholic Stand

There’s a new Catholic website online, developed by my friend Dr. Stacy Trasancos at Accepting Abundance, and Tito Edwards of Big, The American Catholic, and EWTN's National Catholic Register.

Stacy describes the new site as

…targeting Catholic citizens who are taking a stand and living the truths the Church teaches. The website is called Catholic Stand, and there are already 45 writers from all age groups, various vocations, and different nations. We launched last Friday on the feast of the conversion of St. Paul, and this week the website is cranking up to full steam. Please join us, even if you are not Catholic, because we are going to be tackling some big issues in several categories, business, finance, law, history, life, parenting, marriage, and even a little art. Regular readers of this blog will recognize some of the writers . Go check them out.

They even invited me to be one of the columnists! Check out the link to see others who will be contributing. My first article will be posted there on Thursday, January 31.

There’s a lot going on over there at Catholic Stand; be sure to check it out.

Oh, and there's a Catholic Stand Face Book page, too.

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  1. And just like that, when one door closes ( library ) another one opens. I tell you that times are changing. Will look forward to your columns. Kathy


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