Thursday, November 10, 2011

Headlines I Would Like to See

We have our Diocesan Chronicle to keep us informed about Diocesan events, of course, but it’s sort of like the newsletter of the Good Ship Lollipop.

Just for once I’d like to see an issue with some real headlines, and some really good news.

Such as:

New Bishop Appointed for the Diocese
The Vatican announced today that _______ has been appointed Bishop of the Diocese. The new bishop has expressed a desire to have his ordination take place in the Cathedral parish. While he plans at this time to have the Mass in the Ordinary Form, all but the readings and homily will be in Latin, and the Mass will be celebrated ad orientem

Training for Extraordinary Form of the Mass Provided for Diocesan Priests: After some minor modifications to the sanctuary of St. Mary Chapel at the Diocesan Center, training for the Extraordinary Form of the Mass will be offered to all priests of the diocese. Priests will be encouraged to take the time to learn the EF by our new bishop, who will offer all Masses at the next priestly retreat in the EF…

New Vocations Director Appointed
            After years of a stunning lack of vocations in this diocese, a new vocations director has been appointed. The new director, Fr. I. M. Manly, has outlined a vigorous program to young men to discern whether they have a vocation to the priesthood…

Vicar General Retires…Again
            Following the appointment of a new bishop to our diocese, the Vicar General of the diocese has resigned/retired. The new bishop aims to appoint a new Vicar General who has the required qualifications, notably a doctorate in either canon law or theology...

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